Quade Cooper Australian Rugby Player

Quade Cooper is a New Zealand citizen born in the year 1988 on 5th April. He was born in a family of three. He attended school in forest view high school then moved to Australia back in the year 2001. He was 13 yrs old when he was awarded a scholarship in the Anglican crammer school, where he joined the rugby team.

Cooper played in the age group for quite some time until he joined the red side when he was still a teenager. Quade was later selected to play against Japan in the Tokyo national stadium, where they emerged winners 29-22.

 Quade Cooper has been representing Australia in rugby since his first win. Between the years 2008 to 2017, Cooper has played for the wallabies, including the world cup. Quade Cooper has been applying for Australian citizenship, but the government officials rejected his application.

Cooper’s Citizenship Rejection.

Quade is 33 years old and has participated in rugby for Austria over 70 times. However, that was not enough for the Australian government to offer him citizenship. He had applied for dual citizenship, for he is a New Zealand citizen. He tweeted that the Australian government officials rejected his citizenship.

He also sent a screenshot stating why the Australian government had revoked his citizenship application. Nevertheless, he had failed to provide satisfying evidence of his residency requirements.

Karen Andrews, the minister of home affairs, backed the government officials granting Australian citizenship, saying that cooper has to meet all the stated requirements before being given Australian citizenship.

Karen states that representing Australia in rugby more than 70 times is not enough for the Australian government officials. Karen says that Quade has been a good athlete, and he has been an inspiration to many Australians, but granting anyone citizenship is not a light task for the government.

She states that although he has been a fantastic athlete, he also has to go through the correct process to gain citizenship. If the application is under review, he has to go through that process as well. Karen informs that the government requires people to provide all the required information that has been asked of them to get their application correctly.

Quade cooper will have to wait longer to get Australian citizenship. His last test to gain citizenship was back in 2017 while playing rugby for Australia. The world’s rugby rule states that a player can represent a country if the player has resided in that country for at least three years.

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