Princess Anne Shares Photographs of Her Life

Being part of the British royal family typically means so many things. It is all about a chance to be a part of something larger as well as being part of a nation that has long been one of the world’s leading economic engines. It also means taking on certain responsibilities and demonstrating leadership qualities. For Britain’s Princess Anne, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, life as a royal has been all about a chance to be herself and represent the nation she loves so much at the same time. As she looks to her seventieth birthday celebration on August 15th, this grandmother is pleased to show off some of her favorite memories to the many people who’ve followed the course of her life in the spotlight. She has been part of so many things in her community from the Olympics to the opening of Parliament and the changing of skyline of London.

Her Life

When Princess Anne was born, she was second in line to the throne after elder brother Charles. Her life has been about adapting to the conditions that were set up for her at birth. Growing up the spotlight was a routine part of her life. Her entire life has been on display since that time. Anne has been fortunate. She’s used this time to bring attention to causes she holds dear that she knows others can benefit from at the same time. From her work with the Save The Children fund to her time as a world class athlete, Anne has been there to help others see what is possible in life. Her birthday offers a chance for the royal family to join in celebration. From her mother the queen to her siblings and her children and grandchildren, Anne has lived a full life.

Celebrating With the Royals

In honor of her upcoming birthday, the royal family is celebrating her life and work on Instagram. This is a chance for the family to bring the spotlight to one of the firm’s most respected members. For many years, Princess Anne has traveled to many corners of the globe to bring important messages like caring for children to the world’s attention. In doing so, they are choosing to focus on a specific period in her life. Anne, Princess Royal was born in 1950. She came of age in a changing world. It was as she approached her twenties that she began to come into her own as a person in full command of her faculties and a member of one of the world’s most admired families. It’s no wonder that her family has dedicated their social media account to showing off this period in her time.

The Olympics

Royals often love horses. From the very first, Anne was one royal who was always happiest on a horse. It was her love of horses that led her to a high professional skills. Her efforts on horseback were so respected, she even earned a place on the British Olympic team. It is a passion she shares with her first husband and her only daughter. They too have been part of efforts to show off how fun it is to be part of the world of horseback riding. In fact, her daughter would eventually follow in her footsteps even earning a silver medal in the 2012 Olympic games.

Marriage and Children

The photographs shared on the account bring attention to her life during the 1970’s. There are pictures of her marriage to Mark Phillips. Her 1973 wedding was watched by millions of people all over the globe. In the coming years, the couple had two children together. Pictures show off her children when they were toddlers. It was at this time that she started to undertake the first of many tours that would bring her to so many parts of the world. The royal family is proud of her.

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