President Joe Biden Announces A Sweeping Agenda As He Addresses Joint Session

Wednesday was a momentous day not only for Biden and Democrats but also for the people of the United States. It all started with President Joe Biden addressing a joint house session. Together with the president, who stood behind him was his VP Harris and Nancy, the House Speaker. On what appeared a historic moment, the president opened his remarks by appreciating those who helped him clinch the hotly contested election that saw him and his running mate Kamala Harris ascend to the two highest offices in the United States.

During the joint session, the president argued that it is high time the government focused on fostering what he called government services, making them available to all American citizens. Top on the ‘government services’ President Biden was talking about are universal preschool for all children living within American borders, community college that is free for all deserving candidates, an all-inclusive healthcare plan that benefits each citizen no matter the race, and revised tax breaks that will see all American families breathe a sigh of relief.

Relief To The Poor, Heavy Taxes To The Rich

According to the president, all ‘government services’ that may sound sweet to the ears of the lowly-paid Americans, will be serviced by the wealthy community. As the president was unleashing his long-awaited speech in his first 100 days that he has sat as the U.S President, he acknowledged that other areas need revised or complete reforms. Mr. Biden pointed out to areas such as gun control laws, police reforms as well the whole issue of immigration. The president was however optimistic that despite the pandemic orchestrated by the surge of coronavirus cases, America will emerge the strongest. Biden spoke at a time the number of confirmed cases is declining nationally.

The president spoke from the Capitol Building, the same house where the mob had gathered to shout at him in a bid to block him from contesting for presidency. Back then, Mr. Biden was tense. Months later, he would come to deliver a 65-minute well-articulated speech assuring Americans that they can rise above political affiliations and differences to live peacefully with their neighbors. As he was winding up is over one-hour speech, the president reminded Americans, “Over the past few months, we have looked into an ever-blazing abyss caused by the seemingly unending insurrection and the autocracy of the highest order orchestrated by the pangs and pain of the pandemic. Thankfully, nobody flinched.”

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