Piers Morgan to Leave “Good Morning Britain” After Public Disagreement With Co-Host

In recent years, the journalist Piers Morgan has achieved considerable success in the United States as a television host and presenter. He frequently appears on news programs and has hosted a slew of documentaries on channels such as CNN. But Morgan’s primary home is in the UK; for all intents and purposes, Morgan’s career was built around UK audiences. His hosting duties on shows like “Britain’s Got Talent” have made him a household name throughout the country.

Odd Man Out or Perennial Insider?

In class-conscious Britain, Morgan has also experienced his fair share of criticism. To many Britons, Morgan embodies something of a ruling class sensibility. No stranger to the contentious stories of tabloid journalism, Morgan has become a wealthy man thanks to the use of divisive rhetoric and a reputation for courting controversy on subjects related to class and scandal.

At times, that love of contrarianism has backfired: Morgan was famously excoriated by former “Top Gear” host Jeremy Clarkson and has faced down some tense moments with guests as host of “Good Morning Britain.”

Thriving on Controversy

It appears that that contentiousness has reached something of a boiling point. After an onscreen argument concerning the relationship between Meghan Markle and the Royal Family this week, Morgan left the set of “Good Morning Britain” and tendered his resignation to the show’s executives shortly thereafter.

Producers of the show are likely ambivalent at best about this outcome: Morgan was by far the program’s most recognizable star and maintained a sizable base of support among viewers. Where the journalist is likely to take his business next is also unclear: Wherever he goes, Morgan certainly won’t come cheap; he is said to have earned well over £1 million per year as a host of “Good Morning Britain” alone.

Where To Next?

That is a paycheck that smaller news organizations could struggle to match. As an in-demand television personality, however, Morgan will probably find his feet in another capacity. His work as a daytime television host could hold him in good stead in the years to come; after all, many other channels are keen to drum up promotion for their morning shows, and Morgan certainly has a knack for creating headlines.

But Morgan’s brash personality could also come back to haunt him. His comments about Markle came under fierce scrutiny from daytime television fans; complaints to ITV about his handling of Markle’s recent interview with Oprah Winfrey were said to exceed some 40,000 calls and messages.

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