NewsWatch TV – Is It Worth It?

When a company evaluates the advertising options available to them, they usually try and answer a few key questions – Is it cost-effective (ROI)? Will it get our message/brand in front of a wide audience? Does the advertising medium have a proven record? These are all vital questions that must be answered with a resounding “Yes!”

Paid TV is often dismissed as an unviable option because either it costs too much or because it’s vastly misunderstood as to how it relates to modern advertising. NewsWatch TV is a national TV show that airs across numerous markets in the U.S., offering companies of all sizes an opportunity to advertise to large numbers. We’re going to take a look at this company, its model and its television program to see if it’s worth your advertising dollars. First, let’s look at where this company came from and where they fit into the overall landscape.

NewsWatch TV – History and Format 

Hitting the scene nearly 30 years ago, NewsWatch initially launched as a TV program that mainly focused on covering financial news. They soon found that they were in the midst of a technical revolution and so quickly switched gears. It was this shift that allowed them to grow to where they are today. Broadcasting out to some 100 million households in the U.S. in every major TV market is no small feat. They’ve only been able to achieve this through a quality format that brings audiences along for the ride.

Over the years they’ve fought to avoid becoming stale and offering yet another dry programming experience. They grew to include not only tech-oriented programming but entertainment segments as well. The show as it exists today includes review segments that highlight unique apps, tech products and innovative companies. Some of their high-profile clients include Google, Intel, Sony, Ford, Audi and Panasonic.

And while their client roster reads like a who’s who of the tech world, they don’t limit themselves to Fortune 500s and other similarly sized giants. They’ve also worked with small and medium-sized companies who have found that they can afford what NewsWatch offers (more on that later). The only companies that might not be able to work with them are the infant start-ups that can barely afford morning coffee.

In addition to both paid and unpaid tech segments, NewsWatch, as I stated earlier, looks to entertain. Holding true to that slant, they regularly invite A-list celebrities onto the show to plug their newest project. They’ve seen top guests like Will Smith, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington grace the NewsWatch chair. Viewers tune in to see who might show up as a surprise guest in that month’s episode. So again, they strive to avoid becoming stale or “just another bland paid programming show.”

This model has paid off, not just with the number of clients they’ve worked with and the future clients who continue to flock to this unique brand of paid programming, but with established bodies who’ve chosen to recognize NewsWatch’s excellence in programming. They’ve added numerous Telly and Videographer awards to their mantle over the years, giving them further bragging rights.

Pricing – What Will Advertising with NewsWatch Cost You?

Before we get into reviewing the services and packages NewsWatch offers its client, let’s discuss pricing, because when it comes down to it, that’s a major factor in whether or not they are worth advertising with.

As mentioned before, NewsWatch works with all manner of clients, both big and small. How is that possible? With a national TV show that airs in over 200 U.S. markets on nearly 100 million TVs, how is it that a smaller company could afford that kind of exposure? The answer is simple, NewsWatch, unlike other companies, eats the majority of the broadcast fees.

If you were to advertise through “traditional” TV programming, you’d spend at least tens of thousands of dollars for a single spot. And if you were to go with another paid programming show, you’d also break the bank and have to forfeit your kid’s college tuition. But because NewsWatch is willing to cover the broadcast costs themselves, it allows them to charge way less than competitors, making it affordable for nearly any company, no matter their size or financial position. Again, first-month bootstrap startups might have difficulty, but they’re the rare exception.

Now, let’s take a look at what happens after signing up with NewsWatch.

NewsWatch Services – What Does Production Look Like?

Once a paid client decides to work with NewsWatch, the production team steps up to bat. They’ve put together a team of professionals with over 75 years of combined experience in the area of video and film production. The in-house team is tasked with creating a one to three-minute video and takes care of the full assembly line from script writing to final video edits, all the way to “ready for broadcast.”

First up is writing the script. This element is key as this is the inception point of the review segment in which the client or the client’s product will appear. An initial draft is drawn up highlighting all important features of the product. The script is then polished until it arrives at its final draft. The approved script is then handed over to the shoot team. This team of mavericks springs into action storyboarding the video and planning exactly what needs to be shot. Sometimes the client might provide video or stills they want included and these are combined with any NewsWatch footage. NewsWatch will also record a professional narration to accompany the visuals. Next up, is video editing. The editing team receives all footage and audio they need to put together the complete video. They stitch it all together and overlay impressive graphics and other effects to make the video pop.

Once the professional video is finalized, NewsWatch and the client nail down a slot in an upcoming show. Typically, they would try to make this coincide with the launch of a new product or app. Once the date arrives, the segment airs as part of a full NewsWatch episode.

NewsWatch backs up the broadcast with a full-fledged social media campaign that reaches tens of thousands more that may not have tuned into the show. NewsWatch has built up a steady social media following across platforms, and so leverages this for further exposure.

When all is said and done, and the show has aired and the social media campaign has racked up serious numbers, this concludes the contract between NewsWatch and the client. Now, when factoring in the low cost with the massive exposure potential, you’d think this would be enough, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But NewsWatch has thrown another curveball which flies into the face of “tradition.”

After the campaign, the client has 100% ownership over the completed video segment that was produced for the show. They are free to do with the promotional video as they wish. They can add it to their website, use it for a Kickstarter campaign or simply place it on YouTube. The choice is entirely theirs. So not only are they a marketing company, but they’ve also become a video production company of sorts.

Purchasing a quality custom-made video from a video production company would in itself cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, never mind that NewsWatch also adds in the goliath advertising effort.

I mentioned that a proven record is an important factor in considering an advertising company. Let’s take a look at what kind of track record NewsWatch has left in its wake.

Results – What Do Past Clients Have to Say?

 While the services they offer and the low-cost figures they throw out may sound good, it means nothing if we don’t hear from clients that have actually gone through the experience and have real-world results to show for it.

We were able to look at some feedback from a few of their past clients and have included one of their success stories here.

Floatti is a start-up that aimed to make travel easier with unique luggage designs. They were gearing up to launch the “Floatti Super Suitcase” and wanted to garner as much revenue as possible in the first 30 days of its launch. NewsWatch worked their magic to produce a one-minute video for the company, focusing on the new product.

The campaign was nothing short of a success with $714,419 in revenue and more than 1,100 new customers flocking to the company.

While there are plenty of other client success stories we could share, it seems this gives an idea of the kind of results clients are seeing when working with NewsWatch to promote their brand.


 NewsWatch has cemented themselves as a leader in the field of advertising and a trusted source in the mysterious world of paid programming. With low-cost advertising, high-quality videos and impressive results, working with NewsWatch is one of the best ways to gain exposure without taking a sledgehammer to your company’s wallet.


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