New Documentary About Prince Charles

Prince Charles is second in line to the British throne. He is set to take the throne when his mother Queen Elizabeth II dies. She has been queen for many decades. Over time, the prince has carved out a role for himself as part of a much larger royal family. His family is not only the head of state for the United Kingdom. They also serve in this capacity for many other nations including Canada as well as the nation of Australia. In this role, they serve to represent the embodiment of national feeling to the world and unite many disparate lands and people.

His Wedding

One of the most important roles that the prince has taken on in his life has been that of marriage. For him, it was all about finding the right woman to marry. After years of searching, he began an affair with Lady Diana Spencer. She is part of the Spencer family. They have been serving the crown for many decades. Lady Diana was born into wealth and position. She was also beautiful. For these reasons and so many more, she caught the attention of the prince and became the Princess of Wales.

A new Documentary

When the two got married, millions of people watched them on television in the United Kingdom. Millions more watched the pair when they married all over the globe. An estimated billion plus saw the two enter the chapel and agree to get married. That event was recorded by cameras as well as by many people were there at the time. It is understandable that many people remember the events of 1981 with a great deal of love. Now, such memories are once again coming to the forefront with a brand new documentary.

Lots of Memories BritBox is a television network devoted to all things British. It’s understandable that the company’s officials seek to bring new perspectives about important events in British history. The documentary on the subject is called The Wedding of the Century. It is narrated by Angela Rippon. The film takes the viewer through the wedding process from start to finish. It also gives viewers a chance to recount what happened on that day from many varied perspectives. That kind of intense filmmaking is sure to rekindle memories and remind people of one of the most fabled of all royal weddings.

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