NASA’s Former Astronaut Peggy Whitson to Go Back to Space Again on a Private Trip

Peggy Whitson is a 61-year-old record holder NASA astronaut. Despite her age, she plans to go back to space once again for a private adventure. Of all the people, Peggy is the only one who has spent more time in outer space. During her astronaut career, Peggy spent 22 years in NASA.

Whitson will be piloting the AX-2 on this private launch. This information was announced by Axiom, a Houston-based company that prepares commercial flights to space.

The mission will be an outstanding achievement in the USA. This is due to it being a privately funded civilian space mission. Peggy’s drive to space exploration is insatiable. She has a total of 665 days in space. However, even these numbers of days will not stop her from returning for another trip.

SpaceX Crew Capsule

John Shoffner, who is an entrepreneur in that space mission, will accompany Whitson. Shoffner has a piloting record of over 8,500 flight hours in different aircraft. Axiom’s AX-2 will have the aid of SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule – it will carry the astronauts to the ISS(International space station). The laboratory orbits 200 miles above the earth’s surface and has been there for two decades.

The capsule features are like the ones NASA uses in flying its astronauts to the station. Any individual capable of affording a multimillion-dollar can get seats or the whole mission. This decision is a strategic plan by the US Space industry. It will play a role in broadening space activity in the private sector.

Finance, Cost, and Date of the AX-2 Mission Take-off

Information about who is financing the trip or the total cost of the AX-2 mission is not yet disclosed. SpaceX Crew Dragon seats are estimated to cost $55 million each. The US government made this price indication.

Whitsons colleague Shoffner will also be live streaming from space. He wants to promote math and science education. During their stay at the station, they will also offer research support to 10XGenomics company projects. AX-2’s actual take-off date is still unknown. All members have to undergo a series of training before starting the mission.

Axiom also has to get approval from NASA before using the International Space Station. This caution is to make sure that space visitors do not meddle with the work of active NASA astronauts. Axiom also has advance plans already in play for another mission 2022 called AX-1.

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