Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka is a Japanese tennis ballplayer. The Women’s Tennis Association has highly ranked her. She has worn four major games since she began her tennis career.

The tennis star decided to quit the French Open tennis tournament after turning down the media at the grand slam. She broke the internet by tweeting that she was pulling out for people to focus on the tennis that was taking place in Paris. She also said she would take some time off the tennis court.

Naomi Osaka’s Illness

Naomi disclosed that she had been suffering from depression since 2018 after winning her first grand slam title. Last week, quoting her mental health reasons, she posted on social media that she will not participate in any news conference during the French Open.

It is the first time in the history of tennis professionalism for a star like Naomi Osaka, who was not physically injured to walk away from a tournament as big as the French Open. Gilles Moretton, the president of the French tennis federation, named her withdrawal as unfortunate.

Many people thought she was dramatic, for she had never spoken in public about her depression condition. Furthermore, Ms. Osaka said her condition began in 2018 after her conquest of the United States behind her opponent Serena Williams.

Naomi’s Tennis Organizers

Mr. Moretten, one of the tournament organizers, wished Ms. Osaka the quickest possible recovery. He said he was sorry and sad about Naomi’s condition. He also said that the tennis organization would remain committed to all the athletes’ well-being, and they will continue to improve all aspects of players.

We noted there had been a dispute between Naomi and the tournament officials. It all started on Wednesday after she announced that she would not attend the post-match conference at the French Open.

She said the negative questions asked about the tennis play affected her mental health. A few hours later, she was fined $15,000.

Osaka said her reason for quitting tennis was for the best interest of the ongoing tournament, for her well-being, and the tennis players. She said this, hoping that part of the money she was fined for not talking to the media would be directed towards mental health charity.

Roland Garros said he tried to talk to Naomi Osaka to reconsider her position in the Tennis tournament, but he was unsuccessful. He said he checked on her well-being to understand her health condition and to determine what he could do to address her situation.

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