Nancy Pelosi Wins Again

For the fourth time, Nancy Pelosi has won the speakership for the House of Representatives. She did this despite several defectors in her party who voted present or for someone else. Her vote totaled 216, which was still more than House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, who garnered 209.

It is an accomplishment that was immediately overshadowed by the continuing virus and economic troubles besieging the nation at present. Pelosi acknowledged the 350,000 Americans who have already perished from Covid-19 in addition to the millions still jobless. Despite her triumph, she has to deal with a shrinking majority.

It’s a new time for Nancy Pelosi. She will help usher in the Biden administration in a matter of days. With the new presidency will come a new round of spending to combat the country’s economic and virus woes. The 900 billion dollar Covid-19 bill passed and signed by President Donald Trump last month is just the beginning. Pelosi and Biden plan to spend more.

Other issues are sure to come up relating to the environment and health care. That could cause trouble due to smaller numbers of Democrats and increasing numbers of Republicans, some of whom still maintain Trump’s view that the presidential election was fraudulent. With fewer supporters, any defections come voting time could cause trouble for Nancy Pelosi. These issues, plus the fact Minority Leader McCarthy has accused her of presiding over the most unproductive Congress in 50 years.

Continued accusations of election tampering and abuse continue to hamper Pelosi’s attempts to move forward. Despite assertions by Republican governors and even Trump’s former attorney general that the elections were fair, doubt continues in the minds of many other Republicans across the country.

One thing is for sure: Nancy Pelosi will remain in charge of the House of Representatives. She has a flair for organizing support among colleagues and fundraising. The big question is how long Pelosi will stay in control. She is 80 years old and does have her detractors, some of whom are anxious to see her go so they can step into her role. Not all is well on the Democratic side. Many are angry over the loss of many seats to Republicans who didn’t lose any seats at all.

The speaker vote took some unusual turns, and it took extra long to complete with virus restrictions. One member voted for a Senator as speaker, which is allowed. In the end, enough Democrats came together to give Pelosi her win and a standing ovation as well.

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