Mobile SEO in Website Optimization

Most people use mobile devices to access the internet. Therefore, if you want your site to have a high ranking, ensure it is mobile-friendly. In fact, Google ranks websites depending on their level of mobile friendliness.

Consider the following for mobile SEO:

• Use the Mobile Friendly Test from Google. This tool checks mobile adaptivity on a page basis. Therefore, you’ll have to conduct a test for each of your website’s pages.

• Incorporate a responsive design to make your site more mobile-friendly

• Consider equipping your business with a native app

• Test your website’s speed to ensure it doesn’t take longer than necessary to load

• If your mobile pages have ads, ensure they adhere to specified guidelines

1. Conversion and Usability

Your website can only be successful if it utilizes incoming traffic. That is why you need to pay close attention to conversion and usability.

Some actions you can take to check conversion and usability during website review include:

• Checking the bounce rate of your website

• Identifying the number of users completing a goal and converting using the Goals analytics feature

• Becoming familiar with essential Google Analytics reports

• Tracking the click rate of each button by setting up event tracking

• Improving pages with unusually high exit rates

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a prerequisite for any business that wants to be successful in this modern era. Content marketing makes your organization stand out from your competitors and assures you get more traffic from social media and search engines.

When optimizing your site using content marketing, check if:

• Your site’s content is relevant, unique, and up-to-date

• Your website uses correct canonical tags to enable search engines to understand the important pages you have.

• Your strategy includes a regular posting of content

• New, unique content gets posted regularly

• Your published posts are comprehensive enough to cover content well

• Your readers are able to identify a post’s author

• Your published content gets a good ranking position and Click Through Rate (CTR)

• Your titles and content are catching the attention of your clients

1. Ask an SEO Expert

If you have any questions concerning checking your website for quick SEO gains, you can seek help from SEO experts. An SEO expert, in a nutshell, is someone with in-depth knowledge of the workings of SEO and is also aware of various methods you can use to increase your website’s ranking in search engines.


You can conduct a check for your website for quick SEO gains without requiring expertise in SEO. However, you must get armed with the right tools and procedures necessary to accomplish this task.

The information we have included above is as comprehensive as possible to ensure you get the most out of SEO. You can find more about the tools we have in this article from their respective websites.

As far as your SEO journey is concerned, this guide will help you navigate easily. Incorporate the tools and procedures we have listed above, and your site will have exemplary performance.

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