Mila Kunis Shines in the Addiction Drama “Four Good Days”

In “Four Good Days,” Kunis plays Molly, a young woman struggling with drug addiction. Glenn Close co-stars as Deb, Molly’s long-suffering mother. At the beginning of the film, Molly shows up at her mother’s doorstep. Molly insists she is ready to quit using drugs. After many previous disappointments, Deb is at first unwilling to accept that her daughter is serious about sobriety. Over the course of the film, Close sensitively portrays a mother willing to go to great lengths to help her daughter succeed. With this role, Mila Kunis has proven that she has a lot of range as an actress. If Kunis continues along this path, she is sure to maintain a strong career for decades to come.

Kunis puts in a performance that is worthy of an Oscar nomination. Although critics are divided on this film, there’s no question that it burnishes Kunis’s filmography. For an actress mainly known for comedic roles, this movie represents a big step into the unknown. Hopefully, Kunis will continue to take roles that allow her to show greater range.

In this film, beautiful Kunis shows a willingness to fill a deeply unglamorous role. With little or no makeup, Kunis looks like a woman who has seen a lot of hard times in life. After couple of days in a treatment facility, Molly learns about a new medication that could turn her life around. The medication is a blocker that can stop cravings is opioid abusers. The catch is that Molly can only receive the medication if she is sober. This will require Molly to stay sober for 96 hours.

This starts a complicated, sometimes funny, often painful journey for Molly and Deb. This films shows a lot of sensitivity for people suffering with addiction. Indeed, this film is a lot more sensitive towards addicts than other films that have won Academy Awards. Although Glenn Close turns in a worthy performance, it is Mila Kunis steals the spotlight as a troubled person going through a difficult transition. Kunis’s performance here has earned comparisons with Charlize Theron’s Oscar-winning role in “Monster.” Just like Theron, Kunis is clearly willing to take risks. It is not clear how the public will receive “Four Good Days.” Critics are certainly divided on the merits of this film. Some found that the film recycled too many tropes. For those who don’t need to see the wheel reinvented, Kunis’s performance here should prove satisfactory.

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