Mike Pence Says He’s Ready To Debate Kamala Harris

Mike Pence Claims He’s A Christian Conservative Republican

Indiana’s former controversial governor, Mike Pence, was one of the first republicans to cozy up to Trump when the real estate mogul decided he wanted to be president. Mr. Trump didn’t know much about Pence. He didn’t know Mike was a TV talk show host in the 1990s. And that Mike lost two Indiana congressional seat elections before he won a seat in the House of representatives in 2000.

Mike found like-minded friends on his side of the aisle on Capitol Hill during his 12 years in Congress. He became the chairman of the Republican conference before he ran and won the governorship of Indiana in 2012.

Mr. Trump knew Mike was an LGBTQ hater when he interviewed him for his running mate. Mike signed a state law that discriminated against that community. But Mike did an about-face when several influential corporations decided to boycott Indiana.

Mr. Trump also knew Pence was an evangelical Christian with a large following. Trump wanted the evangelical vote, even though he has little regard for that religious mentality, according to several New York Times articles.

Pence’s White House Role Hurt His Evangelical Credibility

Mr. Pence is the Stan Laurel to Trump’s Oliver Hardy persona, according to late-night TV hosts. After the election, Pence almost immediately followed Trump’s edicts like an overzealous teenager with the look of love smeared all over his face. Pence critics say Mike does nothing but stand next to Trump and give him his patented furrowed-brow smile as the president voices his version of reality.

Comments about Mike Pence’s stoic behavior and his undying loyalty to the president are all over the press. Some reports say his main job is to mimic Trump’s words, even though some of the president’s statements don’t jive with Pence’s beliefs. Mike had a large evangelical following, but his role as Trump’s yes-man hurt his credibility with a large number of evangelical voters, according to the New York Times.

Europe got an ear-fill of Mike’s adoration for the president during a couple of conferences. The audience in one conference sat in silence instead of clapping after Mike finished telling them they should follow Trump’s lead or face the consequences. Europe chose not to follow Trump’s economic edicts. England and France suffered the economic pain imposed on them by Trump’s tariff war, according to the Washington Post.

Mike Wants To Run For President In 2024

Mike knows he has to quietly submit whenever Trump asks him to do a job that might get his political hands dirty. Naming Mike the coronavirus virus czar is just one example of Trump’s ability to step away from nuts and bolts of his demands until they either succeed or fail.

Vice President Pence did a decent job when the coronavirus task force got started. He let the medical experts set the mood in the briefings. But Mr. Trump intervened in the briefings when he saw how popular they were. Mike’s coronavirus response became part of Trump’s reelection plan. The briefings turned into pseudo-campaign rallies.

It’s no secret. Mike wants to run for president in 2024. Pence still has a lot of Republican support, even though he continues to be a punching bag in the press. But Mike will face an enormous challenge now that unemployment and Gross Domestic Product growth is in the toilet, according to political pundits.

Pence Needs A Debate Win To Fuel His 2024 Political Mission

Kamala Harris stands in front of Pence’s 2024 presidential mission. Harris is a strong debater. But Mike believes Harris represents the radical left. Mike will use that Trump line to convince voters he has what it takes to produce more jobs and stimulate economic growth. Pence also plans to woo black and Latino voters by bashing Biden’s record in those communities.

The vice president also plans to use Trump’s tax cuts, and the USMC trade deal as proof he and Trump can pull the country out of its downward economic spiral. And he’ll play the pro-choice card, as well as possible Democratic tax increases, to make his case and seal his future fate during the debate.


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