Microsoft Chief Brad Smith Predicts How World Technology Will Look Like Come 2030

Brad Smith is not new to predictions. Over the years, the Microsoft President has always predicted what would come several months even years ahead. This time, it can be said of him and his technology firm that he has made it. Although the world is crippling with Covid-19, the experienced tech boss seems to be one lucky man. Brad’s firm recently signed a deal that brought in what critics call ‘massive acquisition’. The acquisition, which took place in Georgia, was however not without the usual hurdles first from local authorities then from the federal government. Nonetheless, things seem to be going smooth for Mr. Smith, giving him the ample time to predict the future of technology.

In another recent press release by the company, Microsoft announced that it will engage in an enormous project of ensuring the gap that has existed between the able-bodied and the physically handicapped is reduced even sealed completely. The Microsoft chief said his firm will start an initiative that will ensure those living with various mental and physical disabilities get deserving jobs. When asked whether he feels people are running away from the use of digital resources to access informati0on during this pandemic period, Mr. Smith had an optimistic answer.

Brad said, “When I look at the way the world is adapting to the use of technology, I feel impressed. Look at the efforts put by various governments and the people especially those hit hard by the pandemic. They are trying as much as they can to stay at home but at the same time, work, run institutions and go about their various chores of the day such as shopping. All this is thanks to technology.” Mr. Smith added that it is not the common person and the policy makers alone are utilizing technology. “Companies as well as small and huge organizations are also embracing technology. Therefore, as the pandemic continues to go down, many people are coming out of this disease more educated that they were when it struck. Going forward, people would like to do their shopping from the comfort of their homes, converge for virtual meeting whenever they want to discuss policies, and we at the kitchen need to do more to increase cloud activity to carter for the surge in those that would want to use technology,” Microsoft head said.

Even at the heart of the pandemic, Microsoft announced recently that it had acquired Naunce Communications, showing the world that life and business must continue even as authorities continue to battle Covid-19.

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