Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign

Michelle Obama is known widely for being Barrack Obama’s wife. She is the founder of the Let’s Move campaign. The campaign’s objective was to promote better nutritional choices for obese children. The campaign was made known to the public in early 2010, as stated in forbes.com. Funds to enable the Let’s Move campaign were generated from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program.

The Objective of Let’s Move Campaign

The campaign was meant to encourage schools to feed children healthier foods. Also, it encouraged physical activity in schools to help children to stay active. In addition to this, a presidential memorandum was signed to ensure the task force met the goals. The U.S. president appointed a special task force. Their role was to set up a strategic plan to achieve the campaign’s objectives.

Collaboration with Celebrities

The campaign hopes to have brought child obesity down by the year 2030. To reach a larger audience, the campaign partnered with Beyonce Knowles, the famous American singer. She released a song encouraging children to work out. The music video was shot in a school cafeteria with the children dancing with the singer. Ideally, they were trying to promote the idea of working out for children.

Challenges Facing the Campaign

One of the problems facing the campaign was lacking adequate workers. Michelle Obama is the primary spokesperson of the initiative. In the United States, obesity is a significant problem. Most families with children between ages 6 to 19 have obese children.

Causes of Obesity

Numerous factors cause obesity in children. The lifestyle choices of your child determine their weight. If your child consumes a high level of junk foods, the calories accumulate, causing weight gain. It would help if junk intake were reciprocated with healthy foods. Additionally, physical activity can help your child to burn calories. Therefore, Michelle’s campaign was aimed at promoting better nutritional choices for children. The task force appointed also advocated for fitness sessions in all schools.

Family factors also contribute to obesity in children. Most children take up the habits of those around them. If family members are overweight, it shows high-calorie intake. Further, it indicates little or no physical activity. The child will also end up following the footsteps of the other family members. In addition to this, certain medications administered are likely to cause obesity.

Generally, obesity causes many health complications, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and breathing problems. The Let’s Move campaign is not only limited to schools. They also involve the community. They have continued to give speeches on healthier lifestyle choices. The program aims to end obesity among children.

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