Michael J. Fox Deals With Mortality in His New Memoir

Michael J. Fox, star of “Back to the Future” and other blockbuster movies became the world’s most prominent advocate for the fight against Parkinson’s disease after he was diagnosed with the illness decades ago. He has recently published a fourth memoir that reveals his ways of coping with the challenges that the progressing syndrome has placed on his life. “No Time Like the Future” reveals his recent battles with being confined to a wheelchair and other events that followed injury and spinal surgery.

In the memoir, Fox describes his surgery to remove a tumor from his spine two years ago. The growth was benign, but the actor went through a difficult recovery period that required him to regain his ability to walk. During his rehabilitation, the actor suffered a fall in his kitchen that severely injured his arm. He had to receive a complicated surgery to save the limb that involved 19 pins and a plate to keep the arm together.

These recent unfortunate events made him rethink the message he was sending to people in his first three memoirs. He began to think that hopefulness might not be the best advice for some people. In a recent interview, Fox explained that he felt some guilt about the first three memoirs. He wanted to tell people who suffer from difficult life challenges that things will be okay, but he realized that sometimes things don’t turn out as you hope they will.

Fox decided to write a fourth memoir with a more honest approach in mind. In the new book, Fox gives his perspective on life when one is forced to travel in a wheelchair. He explains what it’s like when all your movements are under control of the person who is pushing your chair, and he describes how it limits your freedom and power over your life choices. He confessed that his voice would become louder and more demanding to compensate for this insecure feeling.

The actor revealed that his mobility often was in the hands of strangers such as hotel or airport employees. He described these encounters as feeling like he was a piece of luggage, but he admits that he could have found some humanity between himself and his helpers if he tried.

Aside from his recent health challenges, the new memoir also provides information about his life with his four adult children and his career. He reveals new details about his decision to stop acting. He wrote in the book that he foresees a near future where Parkinson’s will render him unable to talk without the aid of drugs. He also told interviewers that the book is as much a love letter to his wife as anything because she provided a great deal of help to him throughout his years of dealing with Parkinson’s disease.

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