Michael Dell is Still Being Creative

Taking a step from his university dorm room in 1983, Michael Dell is one of the very few entrepreneurs who started brilliantly pursuing his dreams of computers. He created a company delivering the earliest PC to hundreds of Americans, exercising the mantra faster, cheaper and better.

At the age of 13, Michael Dell started started his initial business in Houston where he published stamps. He sold and dispatched by mail, pulling in a grand $2000. Later, he went on to sell newspaper subscriptions. And at the age of 16, he saved money to invest in an Apple II to analyze its mechanics.

As one can see, Dell had a track record of taking on the right activity, investing in the right way and ensuring to move to the next level.

Dell Leaps Forward

After years of battling silicon valley skeptics, Michael Dell has finally pulled off the deal. The Dell Founder and CEO Michael Dell is well aware of how Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has made his way into space in his blue origin rocket.

However, as his fellow ten-figure moguls take off in the space race, Michael Dell sees this as an opportunity. He reveals how his company has been marketing to rising space companies and how these engineering feats require unimaginable amounts of artificial intelligence.

Over the years, Michael Dell has been quiet, shaken with the takeover negotiations. It’s fair to say his work has grabbed attention instead. Not only in the space race does he see opportunity, but in other areas as well.

Previously when the startup capital Silicon Valley and financial hub Wall Street saw his firm as technologically irrelevant as other firms in this sector, Dell saw this as a door to an opportunity. He worked with an investing firm to take his company back into the private mode and delist from the public markets.

He would continue to increase his efforts by going after the right companies who had a bright future.

Michael Dell today is the provider of the world’s largest infrastructure for this activity. Be it telecommunications, vehicles, logistics systems- the amount of data created and generated in the world is insane. In this technology driven world, Michael Dell is the only man standing firmly, the sole founder of the computer era who still runs his baby. Whereas most of the giant tech billionaires have either aged out or have sold their businesses.

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