Melinda Gates Helps to Bring Girls and Young Women New Options

Two female role models have created a funding project that is helping advance women in the world. Melinda Gates and MacKenzie Scott are working on the Equity Can’t Wait Challenge. The project is focusing on the United States, but the impact will be felt globally. This venture aims to spread out $40 million to women-owned operations that are focusing on social change and equality in the workplace and at home.

The program is setting schedules. By 2030, the companies and organizations supported with the funding will have a substantial impact on the US and its neighbors. The competition is on a fast track, and the supporters feel the groups can make real-time changes with the proper financial backing and moral support.

Almost a dozen finalists have been selected. The selection process involved a review by individuals and a scoring system. The reviewers were men and women from all categories of life. Some of them are notable figures, while others have been quietly working away and making progress in female businesses and nonprofits.

Last Mile Education Fund

The Last Mile Education Fund is one of the finalists, and they work with low-income females trying to break into high-end positions inside the engineering and technology world. There have been advances in these sectors, and this group is finding ways to make sure that no one is left behind because of their finances or sex. Making these progressive industries diversified will keep them relevant, and that means a mix of genders and people with various backgrounds. In less than 10 years, they want to move almost 10,000 women into pivotal positions with their platform.


Ignite was born in Oakland, California, and its mission is to inspire over 90,000 young women to get involved in politics. There are many ways people can voice their political stance. This organization teaches kids the importance of voting and how to get involved in projects that support their opinion. Girls can become future political leaders with training from this program, and it’s not always a position at the White House. Ignite enlightens people about government service on all levels. This includes serving your local community or state.

Project Accelerate

Project Accelerate works in collaboration with businesses and corporations to help girls develop leadership skills. They are headquartered in New York. Besides focusing on young women’s future in the business world, the team also fosters healthy habits and independence.

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