Melanie Perkins Gets His Design Company Valued at $15 Billion

Design and business go hand in hand, and for a long, this space has been in the control of Adobe until of late when several startups threw their weight behind this space. Several software companies have developed software solutions that are offering a competitive edge in the market. One of the leading business leaders in this sector is Melanie Perkins, the founder of Canva, design software providing B2B design solutions to enterprises.

Melanie Perkins started his company, Canva, in early 2013, and ever since, the company has transformed the design space tremendously, with their clients being small startups, companies to global conglomerates. Recently, Canva got valued at a whopping $15 billion at the silicon tech startup. It is a significant milestone considering the company is only six years old, but its impact is appreciated.

Canva is quite popular among no designers for its ease of use and how it makes design relatively easy, particularly to designers who do not have a technical background. Canva provides its clients with a customer-centered product with tools that are easy to use and design. Canva gets based in Sydney, and it has been making progress with each step they make in revolutionizing the design space.

The Canva Chief Executive Officer, Melanie Perkins, sat on an interview with one of the editors at the Disrupt Tech crunch for a fireside chat. The entire tech space is thrilled to host such a co-founder and learn a thing or two about his journey.

It’s incredible to note that Melanie Perkins and his famous designing company, Canva, have recorded close to 55 million users spread across the globe. Melanie Perkins notes that the 55 million users are users that the company is recording every month with a lot of pride. They hope to double the number soon to reach the ultimate 100 million users in a month. Melanie Perkins and his canvas design company services include; individual creators who are designing content at a personal level, small micro-businesses, and most importantly, fortune 500 are some of the companies they have served with unique designs using their software solution.

The TechCrunch will focus on how Melanie Perkins managed at a young age to transform Canvas from what it was predominantly about, assisting individual creators in their designs to a Business to Business, B2B platform that is serving the market needs. Handling such a transformational moment and maintaining relevance in a competitive market is not a battle for the weak.

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