Meghan Thee Stallion Graduates College

Texas-Born Rapper Completes Her Education

When it comes to being a superstar rapper, it is difficult to think of any person who understands the game better than Meghan Thee Stallion. When the Houston-raised sensation burst onto the scene, it was impossible for anyone to look away. With her quick cadence, iconic fashion sense and model looks, it became quickly apparent that this performer was not to be ignored. Although she had once been working on getting her college degree, it is easy to see why she let her studies fall by the wayside as she began her amazing ascent to stardom. But, all along the way, Meghan never forgot that she wanted to finish up her degree.

Inspired by Her Late Mom and Late Grandmom

Meghan talks frequently about how the women in her family have inspired her. When she receives her degree from Texas Southern University, Meghan will undoubtedly think about her mother, who was still alive when she started studying for a B.A. in health administration. On Twitter last year, she noted her circuitous route to getting a degree and encouraged followers to hang in there and do whatever was necessary to finish their own degrees. Obviously, the rapper is very proud that she managed to finish up her studies recently. On her Instagram account, which boasts a stunning 26 million followers, Meghan announced her accomplishment with a post of her bejeweled graduate cap. Other luminaries, such as Lil Nas X, posted notes of congratulation.

A Long Way from Texas

Although Meghan Thee Stallion has experienced a meteoric rise to success, it hasn’t always been easy. Before she was hobnobbing with all of the biggest celebrities in the world, in fact, Meghan was having to deal with the tragic loss of her mother to brain cancer. Even after she became wildly famous for a Beyoncé collaboration, Meghan still experienced some heartache. In the summer of 2020, Meghan had to undergo surgery after being shot in the foot by fellow rapper Tory Lanez. After Lanez attempted to discredit her, Meghan’s attorney gave statements disputing his account. All along the way, however, Meghan has consistently shown an immense amount of fortitude and continued to turn out hit songs that topped the charts. While the Tory Lanez situation was exploding, Meghan and Cardi B released a song that went platinum six times over.

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