Mambacita Clothing Line Sells Out in Hours, Honoring Legacy of Kobe and Gianna Bryant

The late daughter of Kobe Bryant is the inspiration behind the new Mambacita apparel line. Gianna Bryant passed away in January 2020 in the helicopter crash that also took the life of her superstar basketball player father. The Mambacita line went on sale Saturday, selling out in just hours.

Vanessa Bryant Models the Line: The mother of Gianna and widow of Kobe, Vanessa Bryant, modeled the branded sweatshirts and sweatpants in an Instagram post on Friday. The sneak peek came less than two weeks after Kobe’s estate team ceased its deal with Nike, a partnership that endured for two decades. The end of the Nike contract was a signal that Kobe’s team is going out on its own with its apparel lines.

Mambacita Details: Vanessa’s sneak peek showcased the tie-dye pattern of the brand. The Mambacita name was Gianna’s nickname throughout her basketball playing career, inspired by her father’s moniker, the Black Mamba. Vanessa launched the line this weekend to honor what would have been Gianna’s 15th birthday.

The clothing is available in both adult and children’s sizes. The line is a partnership between Mambacita and Dannijo, a clothing company run by two sisters. The limited-edition tie-dye collection consists of a two-piece adult sweat set priced at $332. The same children’s set costs $224. You can also purchase separate hoodies and face masks.

100% of the money made from the sales of the Mambacita clothing items will go to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation. This non-profit organization was set up in the aftermath of the deaths of Kobe and Gianna.

Trademark Filings: Federal records indicate that there have been at least 13 Mambacita trademarks filed with the US government since May 2020. This combined with the end of the Nike contract suggests that there are more branding deals coming down the pipe for the family. It is likely that Vanessa will be at the helm of the new enterprise, focused on preserving the legacy of both Kobe and Gianna. Inside sources believe that this is just the beginning of the clothing line and the fashion business that Vanessa plans to build in the coming years.

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