Looking Glass Launches 3D Photo Software for their Holographic Tech

Looking glass factory last month introduced a new brand called the portrait that is first of its kind. It generally offers a better audience. This device utilizes an impressive company’s holographic image technology. It is an accessible form factor. This is technically an impressive digital photo frame.

Of course, the biggest question when using this technology is always about content. To be more specific, how does someone who purchases a $349 product create 3D images? But luckily enough, the startup has come up with a solution to this issue. They announced the solution that is in the form of Holo Play Studio. The company created proprietary software that converts 2D images to 3D.

In a statement, Shawn Frayne, the CEO, said that the holographic is extremely realistic and you can create all kinds of memories. You can share what you created with more people that are interested in the disruptive technology than before. This is expected to bring you closer to the real world where you can relive memories and communicate using holograms. The company assures low barriers of entry. Results are likely going to vary depending on several factors after uploading the images to the software. This company is going through different phases to make this experience succeed despite challenges on the way.

The tech is set to be live by Looking Glass’s site during the spring season. After this, it is set to be bundled with new portrait devices. Backers get free 20 conversions and $20 for 100 photos. Holographic images have perspectives that are necessary to make the images. This aspect can be displayed in a holographic-like Looking Glass Portrait. Originally, depth information was used to create Looking Glass holograms. However, the company has been able to add depth to images that don’t contain the information through new technological advancements.

The technology works on any image. Looking Glass demonstrates this by working on an assortment of still images on the software. Looking Glass is looking into making this process very easy. The is set to be in a process that will work in a straightforward manner. This will enable users to upload converted images to Looking Glass software for editing. The software can be called Holoplay studio. From here, you will be able to import the image to Looking Glass Portrait.

This service is expected to go live for the first time on Looking Glass Factory as a Holoplay premium feature and the website. The HoloPlay software is a package used to edit holographic images to make the firm’s holographic displays.

Looking Glass says that the normal prices will be $22 to convert a hundred photos into holograms. However, for those who have used the Kick starter before, the price will be at the $249 tier, and will get the first 20 conversions for free. This is in the event that the crowd funding campaign gets up to $2.5 million before completion. However, it is not clear what will be the cost to convert and upload images one by one using Looking Glass software.

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