Living with Uncertainty by Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox is an actor and an activist who has been living with Parkinson disease for a long time which is nearly three decades now but was able to learn to walk again. He had a surgery two years ago to remove benign tumor which was on his spinal cord. After a duration of four months, he fell in his kitchen in his home and fractured his arm badly. Stabilization required 19 pins with a plate of which was done. This time is when he thought that he no longer had any idea of hope in life. He had a new outlook where he travelled through a wheelchair and he resolved to channel that honesty into fourth memoir. He was not good with this and he said that he is much frustrated with the fact that someone had to control the direction that he was going and also the speed since he needed support while at the wheelchair.

This made him not much interested in traveling since he hated being controlled by strangers at the airport. But the common thing between them was mutual humanity but he considered himself as being a luggage and a burden to others but only decided just to sit down. He was writing a certain book before the spinal surgery where he was thinking about restoring his ability to move and be able to support himself once again. In the book, he was able to focus on the separate and equal relationship with his four adult children. He then resolved and advised people to always min family ties during prime times since he felt the impact.

Michael J. Fox has a foundation which is 20 years old with the sole purpose of getting cure for Parkinson’s disease which is a funded research to make sure they come up with therapies for the people that are living with the condition now. This is a foundation that was started in 2000 and it is said to be the largest non-profit under the research on this condition globally. Up to date, the foundation has been able to come up with many research results with the aim of getting cure and therapies for this condition. At first, it was able to launch a clinical study which cost $45 million for a duration of five years.

This is a foundation that targets people of high risk with some basic discoveries already being there which means some simple treatments which is estimated to benefit more than five million people globally. The project also is working on some preliminary data to see if they will be able to get a solution to this condition as fast as possible since the disease is not a joke and Michael J. Fox the founder himself is suffering from the same but has proved to be a pro in uncertain conditions. Some information being used in this foundation are from online sources that are available and guides from caregivers, also stories from people living with the condition assists greatly among other important sources.

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