Lessons and Strategies for Entrepreneurs by Oprah Winfrey

As the most iconic brand in history, Oprah Winfrey has an estimated $2.5 Billion Net worth as stipulated by Forbes. She is an influential public figure whose rise began in the 1970’s. Most of her talk shows guide and give skill set to entrepreneurs on their different levels.

Self Discovery

She encourages self-discovery regarding Entrepreneurship. One should find out who they are and their particular interest in the business they want to pursue. They can only find motivation by making informed investments in what they love. Passion also eliminates procrastination and builds self-confidence. It lies in self-discovery and fulfillment of one’s desire, not just about success. The realization that there is a characteristic of oneself that surpasses the possession of money is essential.

Build Brands

Entrepreneurs need to work to ensure excellence in whichever fields they choose. Doing the right thing is not always easy, but it pays off. To build a brand synonymous with success, one needs to endure the problematic present to ensure the future is better. Evaluate yourself to notice your weaknesses and work to improve and change regularly.

Struggle is Inevitable

Struggles keep the entrepreneurs on their toes. It keeps them moving and gives them the strength to tackle and thrive in a crisis. One should be grateful for the battles they face in business. These shape them to work harder and never to accept a no in the industry. This hard training builds one’s ability to think, decide, gracefully learn from mistakes and anticipate challenges as they come.


Once your business is successful, it is essential to note that power and responsibility come hand in hand. Irresponsibility leads to criticism that can cripple you if you give it an ear. Not everybody will like you for your success. Some will criticize you for following and implementing the dreams they wish they had. Being in the arena has a price to pay. One has to be vigilant and focus on setting goals.

Fame should not dictate one’s direction in business. Excellent service to one’s clients is the stairway to success. Not everyone can be famous, but your service provider can elevate you to win. Quality service means that one has to put in mind the significance of clients and their unique needs. Offer reasonable solutions to their problems and get a strong client base.


One should try to exceed expectations to get better results. Be significant in endeavors by putting clients first. Let them help to build a brand. This brand should come with trust and commitment. Struggles are part of the game; learn how to use them to your advantage. Strategy in business helps one to build resistance to business-related shocks. Entrepreneurship is the road to success. When one puts in the effort, works smart, and makes meaningful circles, it guarantees success. Offer targeted solutions to problems that present themselves to you. Meaningful connections will create a reliable and robust client base for your business. Passion should drive one’s decision of investment. The emphasis, in the long run, ensures commitment.

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