Lawsuits Filed by Donald Trump Since the Election Day

Trump who is the outgoing president of the USA never thought to lose the election of 2020. Since when the election votes counting started and Biden showed to be leading, Trump has not been at peace and he has proceeded to the court to file some case about the election. Almost every day he has been rising up with new lawsuits. Some of the lawsuits have been dismissed since they are said to lack merits and for sure nothing is likely to change the Presidential race at this rate. Hence, here is a list of a few states with the respective lawsuits that Trump’s campaign has filed concerning the election in 2020.


Here, the campaign started by compelling the election officials in the state to stop vote counting but unluckily, a federal judge was able to dismiss this request. Also, a lawsuit was filed which was to monitor closely the vote-counting process since the team thought that there were some irregularities in the process. Here, a state judge rule to their favour where the counting was closely monitored. The other lawsuit filed was to stop Boockvar and the other seven individual counties from certifying the results of this election. This litigation is still ongoing with the legal experts giving a hint that this case is more likely to be unsuccessful.


Trump filed a lawsuit which was aimed to impose an injunction which is on signature verification machines that are being used in Clark County simply because the ballots have been in the continuous count. This is a request that was rejected by a federal judge. The ruling was clear that these federal judges need not be involved in the state election administration process. Also, there was no Clark evidence to this claim that something was going unlawful. Another lawsuit in this state was to allow for closer public observation in the ballot counting center. This request was also rejected by a district judge since no evidence was there to back the arguments.


Here, the team has also made an attempt to stop the vote-counting process. First, the team attempted to file a claim to stop the counting of absentee ballots. The argument was that the officials did not have any access to observe the entire process which they claim is lawful. Judge Cynthia denied this request. They also attempted to file a lawsuit to stop certification of election results in Detroit which is said to be the largest city in Michigan and also a stronghold for Democrat. This motion was also denied by judge Timothy Kenny.


Georgia is where there is a very tight race according to the ongoing vote count. Trump was not satisfied and went ahead to file a lawsuit to disqualify more than 53 ballots. On November 5th, court judge Chatham rejected this lawsuit. This followed after the judge heard testimonies that indeed the ballots arrived on time. Trump was not able to give any evidence that these ballots in the petition arrived past 7:00 p.m. which led to the dismissal of the case.

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