Lashana Lynch Discusses Playing the First Female 007 in No Time to Die

The James Bond franchise has been one of the most popular film series in Hollywood for decades. While each James Bond film is special in its own right, the next entry in the series, No Time to Die, is particularly unique in that it features a female character as Agent 007. This comes after James Bond, who is played by Daniel Craig in his fifth and final appearance as the British super spy, retires from MI6 and the espionage agency gives the coveted moniker to an up-and-coming spy named Nomi, who is played by Lashana Lynch. Lynch recently talked with reporters from the Los Angeles Times about what audiences can expect from Nomi in the long-awaited film and how she dealt with misogynistic attitudes towards casting a woman as 007.

Lynch began her interview by saying that her version of 007 will put to rest any doubts people might have of a woman in the James Bond franchise. Lynch contends that Nomi defies expectations at every turn, proving that she is mentally and physically the equal of any other 00 agent in the franchise. In entering the franchise, Lynch adds that she was especially proud to be part of its representation of Black women. Feeling especially close to her costar Naomie Harris, who plays Eve Moneypenny, Lynch describes being part of the franchise as a family affair. Although the James Bond series is obviously heavy on action, Lynch says that she did not feel pressure to learn how to fire a gun or to fight to relate to her fellow castmates. Lynch further took pride in being part of a franchise that is quintessentially British.

While Lynch felt at home on the set of No Time to Die, many James Bond fans were skeptical upon hearing of her casting. Some of these fans even attacked Lynch on the internet, hurling insults at her for her gender and race. Lynch says that she overcame these criticisms by accepting that it was beyond her power to change the hearts and minds of every fan in the world. Instead, Lynch did her best to represent Black women in her portrayal of Nomi. Lynch feels that this was especially important given that Black women are often underrepresented in mainstream Hollywood films.

As the film’s October 8 premiere draws near, Lynch adds that No Time to Die has something to attract every moviegoer. Leaning into several genres, including action, romance, and drama, Lynch feels that the film will appeal to lovers of classic cinema who nonetheless want a hint of the modern style of filmmaking.

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