Lambda School Defers Tuition Costs Until Graduates Get Jobs

Many people want to have the chance to better their future by obtaining an education. Unfortunately, getting a quality education is often quite expensive. This situation creates a barrier where many people want to learn more but understandably don’t want to pay a small fortune to do it. With that in mind, one school wants to change this stressful situation for its students.

Taking the Uncertainty Out of a Graduate’s Future

Most students feel optimistic about their futures while they’re obtaining their education. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for students to find a job right after graduating. Making matters worse, no educational institution waits until a student’s financial situation is stable before wanting to collect its money. However, Lambda School isn’t like other educational facilities.

Lambda School offers either nine or 18-month courses, both of which are completely remote. The other major way this school stands out is through its payment program. Lambda School only takes payment from students until after they graduate and are making at least $50,000 a year. This school’s plan is already making waves with a group of investors, who’ve put over $74 million into this company.

How Lambda School Plans to Teach It’s Students

As of right now, Lambda School is teaching about 3,000 students. However, Lambda School is taking somewhat of a different approach than more education facilities do with remote learning. One thing that sets this school apart from others is that it doesn’t rely only on pre-recorded courses.

Instead of lots of on-demand lessons, students at Lambda School get to engage and learn from instructors in real-time. Lambda School does this with a strategic timetable system that allows everyone to learn live. The live learning system is also helpful when having students take part in live projects and similar types of work. Currently, Lambda School employs about 150 individuals. These people make up Lambda School’s staff members as well as educators and team leads.

What Those Who Oppose Lambda Schools Have to Say

While Lambda School has built up an amazing reputation with investors, not everyone is so optimistic about this school’s future. Some critics of Lambda School note that its pricing model isn’t quite as good as it seems.

This company’s pricing model places a limit of 24 months for students to pay back Lambda School’s $30,000 tuition. If someone was making $50,000, they would be giving about 17% of their pay to Lambda School each month. There’s also the issue of salary cutoffs. With Lambda School in its early stages, many are unsure of how many graduates will end up landing jobs that pay $50,000 or more.

Another issue that Lambda School faces has to do with accreditation. At this time, Lambda School doesn’t offer official degrees. Instead, it offers certificates to students who complete all required courses. The minds behind this school don’t have any plans to change this, citing that becoming accredited would raise tuition costs for students.

In conclusion, Lambda School is a new type of business that’s aiming to provide its students with a better future. Unlike most other higher learning institutions, Lambda School offers no tuition costs to its students until they graduate and get a job paying at least $50,000 annually. However, those who oppose Lambda School have a lot to say about the risks this company is taking.


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