Lady Gaga a Natural Inspiration

Her official names are Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Gaga is her stage name. She was born in 1986, 28th of March in New York. Her parents were not well off and they came from Italian ancestry. Gaga has a young sibling, a sister. From the age of eleven, she attended an all-girls catholic school. At four years she began to learn how to play the piano, she took lessons and kept practicing throughout her young childhood and this taught her how to create songs by using ears. Her parents encouraged her to follow her passion for music.

Lady Gaga is a record producer, songwriter, singer, businesswoman, and actress. She has reinvented herself in the course of her career and has also been versatile in different areas in the wide entertainment industry.

She began appearing in the stage during her teenage years, she used to sing at open mic events and doing drama acts during school plays.

She launched her first album in 2008 it was known as The Fame, and it had a couple of singles that topped the chart they include poker face and just dance.

All her five very successful studio albums released in the US have debuted top in the United States Billboard 200. They include:

  1. Born This Way was released in 2011 and in the first week, she had sold over 1 million copies.
  2. Artpop released in 2013 it contained the famous song applause.
  3. Cheek to Cheek was released in 2014, it contained soft rock and country-pop songs.
  4. Joanne was released in 2016.
  5. A Star is Born released in 2018.
  6. She has made a comeback with a studio album Chromatica released this year, 2020 with a number 1 song Rain on me. This is her 6th album.

Gaga is among the world’s greatest selling music icons, in 2014 she sold 124 million album records. During the 2010s she was the fourth top-earning female artist. She has broken several world records in the Guinness book; she has won eleven Grammy awards including other various awards from the various sectors in the music and fashion industry.

Gaga is also known and praised for her social activism and philanthropy, including LGBT rights and issues of mental health. In 2010 January she held a concert all the proceeds from this concert were donated to Haiti to aid in the reconstruction of the country. In 2011 a tsunami and an earthquake hit Japan and she requested all the funds got from a bracelet she helped design with a Japan bracelet company be donated to aid in relief efforts. In 2012 she donated one million dollars to help victims during the Hurricane Sandy tragedy. She also contributes towards the fight against HIV, the main focus was on educating the young women on the risks of AIDS.

Gaga in 2012 launched a foundation known as Born This Way Foundation at Harvard University; it is a zero profit organization whose main aim is all about youth empowerment and the fight against bullying. It has partnered with other organizations to better lives of so many people out there.

She has been referred to as a trailblazer many times for making use of controversy to bring to light various issues. Public reception on her fashion sense, persona, and music is polarized. Her outlandish very wild fashion sense happens to be a very important part of Gaga’s character. Her performances are always described as very innovative and highly attractive.

Gaga states that she does not know exactly where her love for music originates from, but it comes to her naturally and easily. She says that she is a natural musician and her belief is that she is great at it.

Gaga is a mother to Stefani and Natali who are both grown and successful in their various ventures. Her mother has played a big role in helping her navigate this journey of motherhood.

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