Kyrie Irving’s COVID Stance Continues

Autumn is here, and NBA basketball is back in the headlines and for good general reasons. Numerous trades have been made in the off-season for a number of star players, and new rule changes have taken effect for the 2021-2022 season. One of the league’s brightest stars is trending across the board. Kyrie Irving, point guard of the Brooklyn Nets, was looking to start the new season in style. On the other hand, mandatory vaccinations have thrown a monkey wrench into his plans. Irving, who is a staunch believer of physical health, has gone against the grain by abstaining from the vaccination process. His absence from the court has played a key role in the team’s first loss of the season against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Irving hasn’t wavered from his stance despite all of the unnecessary criticism that’s coming from online bloggers, former NBA players and mainstream media. It’s likely that Irving won’t play as long as the mandatory vaccinations are in place, which will cause the NBA superstar to lose millions of dollars in the process. This harsh criticism from the media is being met with resistance from the millions of Irving fans. On the other hand, the same criticism isn’t being directed towards the hundreds of law enforcement officers who have also abstained from getting inoculated. Little backlash is being directed toward healthcare workers who have decided to take the same stance.

A large crowd of Irving supports showed up at the Barclay’s Center before the game versus the Charlotte Hornets. The chant of “Let Kyrie Play” reached a feverish pitch before the start of the game in which security was brought in to lock down the entrance of arena. It goes to show that many people across the nation aren’t fully onboard with the need for a vaccination mandate, and these people span across multiple industries. Irving wasn’t no where near the Barclay’s Center during this altercation because the team has banned him for the arena. It appears to be that the mainstream media is scapegoating certain individuals who refuse to go a long with the mandate madness. This is the same media source that refuses to report on all of the adverse side effects, blood clots and deaths that are documented via the vaccinations. As of now, Kyrie Irving is holding his stance firmly, which mirrors the actions of millions of people in the country who feel the same way.

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