Katy Perry Releases New Singles

Katy Perry will be releasing her new album at the end of August. However, she has been having weekly live-streams and allowing people to listen to snippets of her singles. She recently released the full length version of two of her songs called “Teary Eyes” and “Cry About it Later.”

She had a livestream on Sunday, August, 9, 2020. Her fiance’, Orlando Bloom, made a brief appearance in the video. Not only did Katy Perry play two of her songs, but she also stated that the Target version of her album will feature a bonus track called “High on Your Own Supply.”

Katy stated that she worked on her album in March, which was when the Covid-19 lockdown began. She said that she felt inspired because she felt like it was the end of the world. Katy also said that she will be releasing a video game-themed album in the near future.

The name of the album is “Smile.” The album is set to be released on August 28. She will be hosting another livestream where she will allow people to listen to previews of the track. She calls her livestreams “Smile Sundays.”

Not only is Katy Perry preparing to release a new album, but she is also preparing for the birth of her first child. Her child is due at the end of August. She and Orlando have been documenting the pregnancy journey on Instagram.

She recently posted a video of herself dancing on Instagram with her belly out. Orlando was heard laughing in the background. She also sang her hit single “Roar” at the end of the video.

Orlando and Katy got engaged in February 2019. They announced that they were expecting their first child together in March 2020. One month after they announced the pregnancy, they stated that they were having a girl. They had a frosting-themed gender reveal.

Orlando is already the father of a nine-year-old boy. The mother is his ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. Katy stated that she is happy that Orlando has already had a parenting test run with his son. She said that picking out a stroller was easy because Orlando already knew what kind he should get.

Katy said that she is ready to give birth to her child and be a mother. She stated that this is what she wanted to do. She also stated that she feels like this is something she was destined to do.

Orlando Bloom was married to Miranda from 2011 to 2013. Katy Perry married Russell Brand in 2011. They split 14 months later.

Katy has been very open about how she has been staying busy during her pregnancy. She said that she has been trying to get in as much work as possible before she gives birth. Katy and Orlando have also been busy putting together a nursery.

Orlando and Katy couldn’t be happier to be having a girl. Katy said that little girls are daddy’s girls. She looks forward to seeing how the relationship between Orlando and their daughter will be.

Orlando has also been staying busy with his career. He is currently working on the sixth installment of the “Pirates of Carribean” film. He is also an actor on a series called “Carnival Row.” It appeared on Amazon Prime video on August 30, 2019.

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