Katy Perry is Working (and Living) In a World of Chaos

Katy Perry has found herself working and living in a chaotic world recently. As of August of 2020, Katy Perry had joined the rest of America in witnessing the catastrophic, heartbreaking COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen unprecedented suffering and death throughout both the United States and the rest of the world.

Katy Perry’s personal life was also full of being busy and full of activity and excitement. Perry has decided to calculate her risks and continue living her life, despite the very real risks of COVID19 and the circumstances that she found herself in during this unprecedented time.

Katy Perry’s First Pregnancy:

To complicate the entire COVID19 situation, Perry has now found herself pregnant with her first child at age 35. However, this hasn’t stopped Perry from continuing to work and live her life on her own terms, even through a pandemic.

Perry has continued to work on her music and even made a few music videos while pregnant. Perry stays in her often-sanitized warehouse studio in Burbank and is sure to keep her 10-person production crew consistently tested for COVID19. This is a great practice that keeps not only Perry safe, but also those around her safe as well. As her due date approached, Perry stated that she is not afraid of giving birth during a pandemic, but will take precautions to keep both herself and the baby as safe as possible.

Katy Perry Releases “Smile” Music Video:

Katie Perry has worked diligently on several big projects throughout 2020, even while COVID19 continues spread around her. Perry is welcoming her child with her partner Orlando Bloom. Perry is releasing her fifth and latest album (“Smile”) after she spent the last two years writing about a challenging time in her life when she broke up with and got back with her boyfriend Orlando Bloom. The album has been written over the past 2 1/2 years.

Katy Perry Continues to Mature:

Katy Perry sighted her continuing maturity as a reason why she seems so relaxed against about giving birth during a global pandemic. Perry even stated that about 5 years ago, she would have balked at the idea of giving birth, but sometimes people change and their thoughts on life change. That has happened to Perry, and she is now delighted to welcome her daughter into the world. Perry wants to ensure that her daughter is raised differently than she was, especially when it comes to “choice and freedom of thought”.

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