Kate Hudson and Fabletics

Kate Hudson is known for her ability to capture the big screen as a Hollywood actress. She also graces the red carpets with style and flair. She’s taken that star power and style to another level with her wildly successful company, Fabletics. Fabletics is an activewear company that prides itself on being extremely relatable, inclusive and community-driven.

This activewear brand used to be primarily digital with memberships, subscriptions and flexibility woven into its payment plans. Though the online model worked amazingly well, the company opted to pivot to physical locations across the nation. To date, the company continues to build physical locations that give customers the chance to touch, try on and feel the products before they purchase.

One of the most standout ways that Fabletics provides community is through its amazing partnership with affiliates across the internet. Through sponsorships and partnerships with the likes of celebrities, major influencers and micro-influencers, this membership-based brand has been able to capture the trust from both men and women.

Kevin and Eniko Hart launched a men’s and women’s collection through Fabletics. Singer/Actress Kelly Rowland launched three women’s collections through the brand as well. As it continues to grow in popularity, co-founder Kate Hudson is able to reap the benefits of a culture that continues to lend itself to the comfort of athleisure wear.

As the pandemic continues, more people work from home. As they work from home, they long for comfortable fashion. As more people look for ways to make their wardrobe more comfortable and stylish, athleisure wear lines like Fabletics continue to serve the growing demand.

Whether a newbie entrepreneur is launching a brand or a seasoned veteran is looking for ways to pivot and expand, the data is the most important facet to consider. Fabletics prides itself on paying attention to the data in order to operate the business. By paying attention to their data, they’ve been able to know exactly what their target customers longed for. They’ve also been able to pivot with technology in order to gather clear numbers to make important decisions.

When a customer logs into the Fabletics website, the data and analytics provide the customer with the most ideal choices based on their past information (past purchases, etc.). For aspiring business owners, it’s important to focus on what the customer actually likes. Once that’s clear, find new and innovative ways to continue providing the customer with what they want.

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