Kanye West Refuses To Release Music With Contracts In Place

After deleting a recent tweet about refusing to release new music, Kanye West shared a screenshotted conversation. The message appeared to be from an advisor, stating that Kanye’s masters are more valuable than Taylor Swift’s.

Widely open about his Bipolar Disorder, West assured his fans that he wouldn’t release music while maintaining a Universal and Sony contract. Insisting on seeing other agreements, he said that he refuses to watch his people be slaves. He then compared the NBA and music industry to modernized slave ships.

In a recent tweet, West claimed that Sony and Universal hadn’t contacted him. His advisor messaged him, saying he has three viable options. One of these possibilities is accusing the companies of breaching their contract, leading to a settlement agreement.

Estimated to be a billionaire by Forbes, West could re-record his masters or buy them. Even with the possibility of proposing Yeezy Media to Universal, he insists on wanting no further business with either company.

Putting things in perspective, Big Machine Records, which owned Taylor Swift’s first six albums, sold to Braun’s Ithaca Holdings for $300 million. Swift stated that she begged for an opportunity to own her works for many years. After Big Machine Records was sold, she expressed feeling betrayed, claiming that Braun bullied her for years. Swift said that West sometimes bullied her alongside Braun. In her newest album, Folklore, she alludes to some of these things.

Owning 100% rights to the Yeezy fashion brand, Kanye made an estimated $1.3 billion with the company in 2019.

In another tweet, Kanye stated that his kids are going to own his masters. He assured his followers that he continues to view Jay as a brother, despite their recent tensions involving the masters.

Moving forward, West’s actions regarding his advisor’s proposal are uncertain. He could potentially begin focusing on his presidential campaign instead. In July, he plans on releasing a new album entitled “Donda.” This album was initially supposed to accompany a film, but the movie was never released. West is known for pushing back Album release dates at the last second. Some past albums he has delayed are “Jesus Is King,” and “The Life Of Pablo,” which he altered after its release.

His tweets haven’t surprised his fans since he filed lawsuits against Universal and Sony back in 2019. It’s uncertain whether anything resulted from these filings.

West concluded his comments, stating that he will make sure to get all of his masters back.


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