Kanye West’s political operation has no chance of landing him a job at the oval office but he and his Republican operatives supporting him can still wreak havoc in some of the battlegrounds across the United States this November.

“Kanye West will not become president because he cannot gather enough voters. But he can gather enough voters to influence the result of the elections”, said a partner at HIT strategies and Democratic pollster Terrance Woodbury.

A third party can influence the outcome in a tight election and strategists to claim that it’s even more true especially when a third party candidate has a fanbase nationwide and name recognition. West is not filling for required financial disclosures or holding event campaigns. Kanye West has kept his campaign organization under a secret. Aides are more focused on putting his on the ballot. The music mogul’s name is on ballot boxes in only ten states and it makes it impossible for him mathematically to be voted in as the next American president. But the states where his name is on the ballots include potential battlegrounds like Iowa, Minnesota, and Colorado.

Recently Kanye West’s campaign took a blow as a judge ejected him from a ballot in Virginia claiming that his campaign improperly or fraudulently collected signatures and in Arizona has blocked his name from appearing on the ballots.

On both sides, political operatives said that Kanye West’s campaign looks like an effort to gather support from Joe Biden, a Democratic nominee, and boost the reelection odds of President Donald Trump. A source told CNN that operatives from the GOP believed the Trump campaign’s blessing to help Kanye West’s efforts.

“I think it’s unfortunate that Kanye is being used by the Republicans,” said president and founder of the Collective PAC Quentin James, the group wants to elect more black candidates.” It is sad and we would like to wish Kanye West all the best in control his mental health. This is not something we would like to see in politics, we would like to see more black voters and having their voices heard and not by voting for Kanye West who does not have a chance right now to bring new ideas in order to win a position at the White House.

Critics have said the efforts to boost Kanye West’s campaign look unseemly given West’s bipolar disorder. The disorder is known for swing from depression and mania and the musician has publicly said he does not use medication to treat his illness.


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