John Rampton Talks About His Journey in the Business World

The business magnate attributes his career success to his decision to avoid focusing on perfection. According to him, doing so tends to detract someone from their primary goals. John is one of the pioneers and the current Chief Executive Officer of Due. His enterprise specializes in online invoicing and payments. With time, it has gained global recognition for developing innovative payment solutions.

John Rampton has always been passionate about entrepreneurship since his childhood. While in college, the seasoned business executive got a job at a construction site. Unfortunately, he was run over by a piece of equipment that snapped one of his legs, making him unable to walk. As a result, he confided to bed for about a year, where he underwent several surgeries.

The medical facility also conducted an experimental treatment to speed up his recovery. Spending too much time on the bed inspired him to learn about online marketing. The CEO would spend up to 20 hours a day online, trying to learn how to sell products and start blogging to make some money.

He was also able to walk again during this period. His plan to monetize his blog worked, and he was able to purchase, start, and sell companies online. Before he launched Due, he had another firm whose revenue quadrupled to seven figures in a couple of months. Other than being the head of Due, many people also know the entrepreneur as a connector, author, and public speaker.

John has written popular articles on various topics on several platforms, including Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Techcrunch. Some publications have also recognized him as one of the top influential marketers in the world. He revealed that he decided to establish Due after realizing that there were a lot of domain names for online invoicing that were parked but not built out.

Mr. Rampton also noticed that some of them had the required technology but were not utilizing it to their full advantage. By listening to other entrepreneurs and freelancers, the CEO also learned they needed a platform that would enable their clients to pay for products and services online. He realized there was a lot of potential in the industry by creating an innovative solution for businesses to speed up the payment processes.

In a recent interview, John revealed that his typical days changed drastically after the birth of his daughter. He changed his regular schedule to make sure he spent more time with his child and remained productive. The business executive carries out most of his tasks during the morning hours and in the evening. He spends some hours during the day with his daughter by taking her for walks. According to Mr. Rampton, he has become more productive more than before he became a father.

Before he implements a business idea, CEO takes a lot of time to do extensive research, including interviewing other entrepreneurs who may have similar interests. He believes this is an effective way of evaluating the viability of a business opportunity. Once he has completed the task, he develops a formal business plan to enable him to get a better understanding of the resources needed for execution.

According to him, the early stages of business startups require a lot of time. After implementation, many other tasks become simpler. John Rampton urges young entrepreneurs to ensure the first parts are worth it. He has interests in digital currency, which he believes will transform payments. Although Bitcoin is still a bit limited, he believes this will change soon, and it will become a good payment alternative.

Habits can have either a positive or negative impact on a person’s productivity. Tracking time enables John to be more productive, as it enables him to identify areas he spends too much time on non-productive tasks.

He believes this has helped him to focus on his priorities. Like many entrepreneurs, he has also done low paying jobs earlier in his life. He maintains his worst job was his first job, where he worked as a newspaper boy.


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