Joey Wat of Yum China Shares Her Experience During The COVID-19 Period

Joey Wat is the Chief Executive Officer at Yum China, the biggest restaurant in the country. When talking to CNN last week, she said that there were few new cases of COVID-19 in Shanghai, which is the biggest city in the world. Yum has opened almost all its outlets in China.

Under wat’s leadership, Yum China has developed from the COVID aftermath and cemented its status as one of the fastest-growing food companies globally. The company operates more than 10,000 restaurants in over 1200 cities in China. The company sells a combination of KFCs, Pizza Huts, Taco Bells, and many other Chinese foods. Yum China had $8.7 billion of income during the previous year and has a track record of developed business and menu innovation. The company has introduced Alipay’s in most stores, enabling clients at digital kiosks to buy products using the facial-recognition technique.

About Joey Wat

Joey Wat grew up from a humble background in a rural area in China. She was delivered at home with her great grandmother, who was the village midwife despite being blind. Wat began working at a plastic flowers company at nine when her family moved to Hong Kong. She got her first experience in the restaurant industry at the age of 15 when working as a waitress in a Hong Kong restaurant.

During the interview, they maintained that life had gone back to normal. People are glad to see the traffic jam stuck everywhere again. She admits that few cases are reported still, and everyone treats the situation with seriousness. In the previous week, Shanghai said only two issues.

People were freely moving around the country. The inter-city traffics has resumed, and everything has normalized. The fast-speed train has resumed operations are everyone is happy. According to Wat, many people can continue everyday life right now. When asked whether she has been working in her office full-time, Joey said that since it’s the middle of winter, they closed all the heating. They keep the windows open for ventilation, and everybody wears a coat. However, she maintained that they are used to such a life.

When asked to summarize all the mechanisms that can defeat COVID, Joey Wat explained that people are very vigilant. Citizens are very sharp. Businesses are very attentive, and the government has done a recommendable job to react with speed anytime there was a need.

People also responded well and adhered to all the directives from the health officials. Whenever people are required to wear masks and undergo temperature checks, everyone cooperates. According to Wat, it’s impressive seeing people doing something good for collective goodness. The primary things in the war against the virus are hand-washing and wearing masks. They worked magic.

In January, Joey and his staff established their crisis committee and have met daily since then. Everything has been halted. There is no Chinese New Year or weekend. Each morning, a call is made from the head office, and then it flows downwards up to the store.

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