Joe Biden And Kamala Harris In Their First Appearance As Running Mates

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made their debut as one of the most significant blue tickets in political history on Wednesday, August 12, for a press event in the first of many appearances leading up to the election. Despite their brutal back and forth during a Democratic debate, Biden gave his newly-minted running mate the stage, and the Wilmington high school auditorium erupted with applause.

Kamala’s Fervent Speech

The 55-year-old prosecutor alum was poised, eloquent, and in command of the room even when she raked our current leadership over the coals for their response to the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests. She furthered her speech by driving home what Biden means for the ticket and the country, especially during these turbulent times as his ads remind us, in “fighting for the soul of this nation.” She touched on her challenging childhood, growing up with immigrant parents, one from Jamaica and the other hailing from India. Kamala spoke of different ethnic and economic groups of Americans, given her background, she hopes to represent and painted a picture of Biden’s White House.

A Historical VP Pick

On Tuesday, August 11, Vice President, Joe Biden after a lengthy and speculative decision process, finally announced California Senator Kamala Harris as his VP nominee. She beat out the likes of Elizabeth Warren, Susan Rice, and Val Demmings. Kamala plays a vital role as the fourth woman nominee on a presidential ticket preceded by Hillary Clinton in 2016, Sarah Palin, and Geraldine Ferraro. At the beginning of the Democratic primary, Biden announced he would prefer a woman to share his ticket. Then in July, he gave us a little more insight that the possible nominees included four African American women. Biden’s “hold no grudges” approach yielded Kamala as the front-runner, then ultimately winning the long-coined Veepstakes.

Kamala Harris: The Many Firsts

Biden referred to Kamala as “the right person” for the role of vice president during the Delaware press conference. Kamala, born Kamala Devi Harris, on October 20, 1964, in Oakland, California. She is a US politician elected to the United States Senate in a Democratic role during 2016 and began her first stretch representing California the next year. Her firsts didn’t start with her VP nomination; she wore moniker of first Indian American to serve as a United States Senator as well as the second African American woman.

Will Kamala Ultimately Cost Votes?

Kamala’s experience is long and her accolades many, from her days as Oakland’s District in 1990 to her current United States Senate seat. Experts feel she completes Sleepy Joe with her fresh, diversified outlook and commitment to issues she holds near and dear. There is a flip side to this celebrated coin. Kamala’s multi-racial background could hurt Biden’s chances with some of his popular demographics, such as older voters who identify better with a single race nominee, and voters who believe a man should fill the role of the number two seat in the nation.

Racial and social justice, Health care, Immigration, Big-tech companies, and Consumer protection are just a few of the platforms Kamala speaks on passionately. She’s a swing to the liberal left as a spokesperson for the destitute, the middle-class, the judiciously wronged, the sick, and the different.


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