Joe Biden Administration’s Plans to Ensure That People Living in Rural Areas Get Quality Medical Services

The covid-19 pandemic caught the entire world by surprise. The upsurge of patients brought many challenges to healthcare professionals because most patients required special care to save their lives. The situation was more severe in rural areas because many of their residents were the elderly, the main casualties of the pandemic.

However, Joe Biden’s administration has realized the challenges healthcare providers face when caring for their patients. Therefore, they have decided to pump more money into the healthcare industry to improve service delivery in rural areas. The money will improve infrastructure in the countryside, where doctors face challenges attending to the high number of patients in need of emergency medical services.

The relevant department will offer financial assistance to more than ten states whose healthcare sector requires an upgrade. Part of the money will help different facilities upgrade their technology to improve service delivery. Rural healthcare facilities will also use the money to train their employees and the community on using technology to offer and receive different medical services.

After the training, primary caregivers will understand how to attend to patients that visit the hospital suffering from complicated conditions. That includes knowing how to offer timely treatment to covid-19 patients who visit the hospital in critical condition. However, apart from covid-19, medical professionals will handle many medical conditions better and save more lives. Patients in rural areas are at a higher risk of losing their lives if they don’t get proper medical care. Therefore, financial assistance will be very useful in addressing this challenge.

However, this is not the first time the Biden administration has offered financial assistance to improve healthcare services in the country. For example, last month, the government also provided financial aid to different hospitals to provide better services to covid-19 patients. That enabled them to procure various medical equipment they have been using to offer primary care before patients receive advanced services for complicated conditions.

The Joe Biden administration has identified the organizations that will benefit from the funds. One of them is the University of Mississippi, which has already decided how to use every coin they get. The management plans to use most of the money to install a video system that will enable upcountry patients to get professional help from medical experts from around the country. That will eliminate the need to transport patients for long distances to get professional medical services.

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