Jim White’s Incredible USHEALTH Advisors Story: Relying on Faith Through Adversity

When we meet people in our lives, we never know their full story. Spending time with someone can certainly clue us in to the details making their own individual journey through life special, but often we are not fully aware of the challenges and trials many of us must face.


For Jim White, his biggest challenge began at a young age and it is a secret he kept for many years. By tapping into his strong sense of faith, family and finding his purpose in life, he has shared with many how a life-changing event at age nine helped to develop him into the admirable man he is today.


A Scary Diagnosis


In 1971, White’s parents were told the news no one wants to hear about their child—he had cancer. After multiple surgeries and tests, one physician was finally able to determine Hodgkin’s Disease was taking its toll on White’s body and he only had a few years left in his short life.


Diligently supporting him at chemotherapy treatments and multiple doctor visits per week, White’s parents opted to keep the news hidden from most, including their other children. As White started to grow stronger, he found himself wanting to become a leader in any way he could. Seeing strong examples of honorable men in his church family, White started a newspaper in 6th grade simply to raise money for the school.


While struggling with his own health diagnosis, White was always eager to explore how he could serve others and at the age of 14, all his faith and medical treatment finally paid off. His cancer was in remission, but he waited until he was 18 to tell his two younger brothers. White’s oldest sister became aware of his condition just a few months before he learned he was in remission.


Moving Forward


With a clean bill of health, White’s adult life became extraordinary. Moved to the core by the faith he experienced as a child, he served on the finance committee and helped to build a church in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he ultimately married his wife in 2002.


His financial acumen matched perfectly in the insurance industry, and White found himself in many successful roles, eventually working his way up to president at one of his former employers. What White did not know, however, is he was about to take on one of the most life-changing positions with another organization in the same year he got married.


His strong track record of success gained the attention of others in the industry and in 2002 White was offered to come aboard as the vice president of agency at USHEALTH Group. As the landscape of health products shifted over the next decade, White was right there to help guide the company through all the twists and turns. Then, in 2012, something big happened.


Working with USHEALTH Advisors


Founded in 2009, and re-launched as USHEALTH Advisors , the agency entered the industry in a big way, offering health coverage through an amazing portfolio of products geared toward families, business owners and individuals who are in need of basic health coverage, including dental, vision and disability plans. The company’s mission of HOPE—Helping Other People Everyday—resonated with the work White was already doing.


Company President and CEO Troy McQuagge offered White a huge opportunity as he was promoted to senior vice president of agency services. By partnering with the USHA agency staff in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, White’s goal was to become the ultimate resource for those on the front lines, making sure they had what they needed to offer USHEALTH Advisors customers the products and services they truly deserved.


Onward and Upward


Another promotion came in 2016, and White now holds the title of senior vice president of field sales. Above all else, his continuing involvement in the church and his own personal faith have seen him through life’s ups and downs and ultimately have brought him to the place he is in now.


As if all this was not enough, he and his family recently celebrated his 42nd year of being cancer free. It is moments like those which put life in perspective and for White, his sense of family, spirituality and devotion to making a difference in the world in any way he can are really what has made all the difference.


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