Jen Psaki Brings a Wealth of Experience and Insights to Her Position at the White House

Prior to becoming the current White House press secretary, Jen Psaki held several communications-related positions at the White House during President Barack Obama’s terms in office.

Recently, Ms. Psaki was interviewed on a podcast known as “The Axe Files,” and was also interviewed during a Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service virtual event. Some of the highlights from these interviews are provided in a new CNN article.

A Fast-Paced, Busy World

On “The Axe Files,” Ms. Psaki said that today’s news cycle is so fast, that topics from the morning’s newspaper that would have been discussed at the daily press briefing get passed over. It is important to the President, she says, that the public can have accessibility to the information they are conveying.

Regarding U.S. border issues, Paski says the subject is important, and they are often asked why President Biden doesn’t visit the border. While the administration is indeed focused on border issues, the pandemic and economy are issues that a large percentage of the public are more concerned with.

With the Biden administration now in place, Jen Psaki says it is reaffirming the purpose of government, and defining how official policies are formed.

New Administration, New Tone

During the interview with the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service and the White House Correspondents’ Association, Paski mentioned how the president is very focused on the tone his administration projects. The tone that is being projected from the briefing room, she says, is part of the message that the administration is sending to the general public.

As far as maintaining restrictions on attendance numbers in the White House briefing room, Jen Psaki said that due to high vaccination rates among the press corps, 50 percent capacity may be in place within a few weeks.

Communicating information to the public is one of the primary functions of her office, says Ms. Psaki. The Biden administration values the press, and the role it plays, as well as the value of sharing information.

Social media figures prominently in many people’s lives these days, and Jen Psaki says that President Biden holds the major platforms responsible for distributing trustworthy, accurate information.

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