Jay-z Had a Good Time With Beyonce and His Three Kids During Quarantine

Jay-Z rarely talks about his family. If he does, lots of people enjoy listening. However, Jay-Z has shared his life experience in quarantine life to promote partnership with Puma to The Sunday Times on zoom. Also, he and Rihanna contributed $ 1,000,000 to help fight the novel coronavirus infections.

Seven years ago, the duo, Jay-Z and Beyonce, got married. They have three children, Blue Ivy- Nine-year-old, and their expected twins Sir and Rumi, aged four years old. Unfortunately, Jay- Z and his superstar wife Beyonce didn’t understand each other as well as their kids.

Quarantine, therefore, allowed them to stay, connect, and learn each other’s character, likes, dislikes. As a result, their family has taken a new move to focus on family matters and have time to stay together. For instance, Beyonce has never had relaxing moments with family. But, it was a good time for the family.

According to Forbes, Jay-Z is the richest black man in the United States. He became a billionaire after doing several businesses and releasing Hip-Hop songs. Additionally, he is married to a rich woman. Their kid, Ivy, has taken after her mother, hence becoming famous at a young age. She won the youngest Grammy winners.

According to his statement in the Sunday Times interview, being a superstar and his wife becomes a big challenge in raising children. However, he added that all children need to know that you love them as a parent to a satisfactory feeling.

Jay-Z being a sportsman and an artist, is ready to support his kids to pursue their love career. He said that children could do great in their jobs if they have the support and love from a parent.

Jay- Z understands that his kids might have different legacies. At the age of 51, he and BeyoncĂ© pay much attention to their children’s vision. However, as caring parents, they strive hard to ensure their kids grow up in a loving environment.

Regarding life after covid 19, Jay-Z said that he misses being on tour, but he has no plans to tour any time soon. In addition, the couple spent millions of dollars for their quarantine.

He said that he’s always proud of overcoming his worse situations when mentioning what he loves most. Also, he will support and allow any person who looks like him the same and encounters challenges.

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