Jason Momoa Releases Aquaman Training Video

Jason Momoa has put his time between motion pictures to good use. The actor now sports an even more buff physique that displays the functional strength superhero fans expect from someone playing Aquaman. All the work Momoa put into his workouts connects to playing Aquaman, as he’s getting into top shape to perform in the sequel.

A New Look for a New Sequel

Momoa published a short training video on Instagram, a social media platform that allows him to reach millions of fans. The entertainment media surely follows the actor’s posts, so expect to see clips on websites, social media venues, and even cable news.

Information about the sequel, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, is sparse. DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures want to keep things under wraps for now, which makes sense. The Suicide Squad is the current offering appearing in theaters, and executives don’t likely want to detract too much from its hype.

Since The Suicide Squad now enters its third week in release, fans might look ahead to the next DC Comics feature film. Don’t expect the next Aquaman feature to be the follow-up to The Suicide Squad, though. The Batman and Black Adam will arrive before Momoa’s next outing since both features are in post-production.

An Anticipated Sequel

Momoa’s video helps build some buzz for the film, a sequel to one of the bigger hits in the DC Extended Universe. The DCEU struggled initially, as fans didn’t appreciate the dark tone. Wonder Woman turned into a huge hit, giving the DCEU a lifeline, and Aquaman and Shazam! continued the winning streak.

Momoa’s charisma factored heavily into Aquaman’s success. The actor gained a following among fans, thanks to his short run on Game of Thrones, and his other works.

Interestingly, the new video features Momoa performing boxing training. Superhero movie fans enjoy the over-the-top fight scenes. Perhaps Momoa wants to add a little realism to the mix by serving up some pugilistic action.

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