Jamie Lee Curtis Welcomes a New Ally and Old Friend in Halloween Kills

Jamie Lee Curtis continues to grant interviews to promote the upcoming release of Halloween Kills, the newest entry in the long-running Halloween franchise. In recent discussions with media outlets, Curtis covered many topics, and she cast some of the spotlights on fellow actor Anthony Michael Hall. Hall plays the adult version of Tommy Doyle, Curtis’ character Laurie Strode once babysat.

Laurie and Tommy vs. The Shape

In the original screenplay, Halloween’s notorious villain, Michael Myers, referred to as “The Shape” in the text, returns to menace Laurie Strode in the upcoming sequel. Laurie won’t only rely on her family members to battle Myers, as the original 1978 character of Tommy Doyle makes a surprise return. Curtis confirmed the news on Instagram, and a shocking picture of an adult Tommy features a baseball bat-wielding Anthony Michael Hall.

It is safe to assume that the baseball bat image means Tommy intends to join Laurie and take a stand against The Shape. Curtis added some comments to the Instagram photo noting that Laurie Strode was not the only character to suffer trauma after her October 31, 1978 run-in with Michael Myers.

Halloween 2018 served as a direct sequel to the original film and ignored events found in other sequels or reboots. The smash horror hit presented a captivating performance by Curtis, as she portrayed a traumatized survivor still reeling from the psychological impact of Michael Myer’s rampage. The Instagram post suggests the Tommy Doyle character may experience the same PTSD as Laurie Strode.

Of course, horror movies often deliver many twists. Audiences must wait to see whether Tommy Doyle is friend or foe in the upcoming feature.

A Surefire Hit Sequel

Halloween Kills has not received the overwhelmingly positive reviews that the previous film did. Don’t expect it to suffer at the box office, though. Halloween Kills may deliver massive ticket sales and streaming buys as the franchise continues to captivate hardcore horror and casual fans alike.

Jamie Lee Curtis’ compelling performances and her memorable character helped keep the series alive. Look for the next two chapters in the trilogy to help keep the Halloween jack-o-lantern franchise flames burning.

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