Jackie Aina’s Approach to Championing for Black Women

Jackie Aina is one of the YouTube most popular beauty influencers with over 3.2 million. The outspoken beauty industry figure is launching a lifestyle brand. When Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, the franchise’s first movies with a black princess, came out in 2009, Jackie was developing cutting-edge videos on YouTube. It was a time when black women did not have much media representation as Naomi Campbell was the only woman with a darker skin tone seen on magazine covers. The most popular movies and shows of that time had minimal diverse representation, including Hannah Montana: The Movies, The Hills, and Jersey Show.

The YouTube Channel

Despite the little representation of black women when she started, Jackie Aina used the small platform she had to center the conversation on black women. At first glance, her channel is a beauty platform with bold and conspicuous facial expression thumbnails of Jackie’s reactions to various makeup products. Like other beauty influencers, she does haul and product review videos; however, there is so much more. She produces cultural and social commentary uniquely and educationally. The channel’s loyal audience have come to identify and relate to Aina’s goofy and glamorous sides.

Jackie Aina recognizes that as a black woman, she has to communicate in a specific manner for her message to be compelling. She knows that people will not listen if she decided to yell and rant about getting ignored; that would have her labeled as the angry black woman. Instead, she uses bullet points and identifies things to draw the audience’s attention to make her message get better reception.

Tackling Controversial Issues

Jackie Aina has used her youtube channels to tackle various controversial topics such as shadism, skin bleaching among black people, and even challenge major cosmetic companies for failing to produce shade ranges while she does makeup videos. She does all these without forcing her views on others, just like in The Princess and the Frog movie.

The Nigerian- American icon uploaded a video about Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson, and Jordyn Woods’ cheating controversy. She could have chosen to makeup tutorial remaking Jordyn Wood’s red table talk interview with Jada Pinkett Smith look while merrily speak about the drama and relationship issue.

However, she decided to speak about the Kardashian-Jenner family’s treatment of black people. In the video, Jackie mentions that she feels like there are low-key disregard and disrespect by the Kardashians of black bodies and culture; they seem to dispose of them once they have no use.

Other entities, including journalists, YouTubers, and websites, employed a different approach. For example, Mag Paper focused on the outfits worn by the women who gave on-camera interviews during the scandal’s aftermath, and the ideal clothes to wear after going through public harm.

“The Princess and The Frog” and Jackie Aina

The two are different, but they have many similarities. They succeeded in incorporating various categories and subject matters, tackling many social problems, and finding a space in their high-grossing, mainstream sectors, which are mainly influenced by white people. Additionally, they excite older and young African American women.

Aina’s YouTube subscribers grew to over 3 million because the black community can relate to it and the unapologetic commentary on the various trending topics. Consequently, although the princess and the frog movie received a lot of backlashes because Princess Tiana was a frog during most parts and voodoo illustrations, it received a lot of praise.

The movie’s reactions included African American women and girls quite happy because they finally saw a film with the main character they can relate to and lie the move. Jackie Aina speaks advocates openly for women with dark skin tones and calls for diversity in the beauty and makeup industries. Her makeup YouTube soapbox focuses on promote blackness.

There are more influential black YouTube and movie characters helping to keep the conversation about the black community alive. However, Jackie Aina continues to grow and use her niche for the good of the black community.


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