Jack Ma’s Journey to Business Success

Most people know him as the successful owner of Alibaba. However, this success did not happen overnight. It took hard work and dedication to rise to become China’s biggest e-commerce platform. It is not easy to create a leading brand, more so if it is recognized worldwide. Based on Ma’s story, one does not have to be a genius or an excellent business person to attain such success. Below are some useful details of how Jack managed to become one of the world’s richest men.

Born in 1964, Jack Ma’s story is one of dedication and hard work through determination. Having been born in China, Jack was not fluent in English. However, he was determined to understand it by learning using one of the most unconventional methods. He would offer to take international tourists around the local area as long as they taught him English. When he was just 12 years old, an idea led him to an experience that changed his perception of life. While on one of his trips to the international hotel, he met an Australian family, who later invited him to visit their home. It was while in Australia that jack Ma appreciated the choices and high living standards.

While his English constantly improved, he was failing in math. He was unable to even make it to university after failing the necessary entrance exam. He flopped so badly that he managed to get 1 and 19 out of the 120 possible scores the two times he tried to take the standard test. Being the person who never gives up, he persisted and found his way to a local university to pursue teaching. However, the college was one of the least respected in the area. By 1988, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in English and worked as an English teacher.

His entry into online business began when he was first introduced to the internet by a friend back in 1995, on a trip to Seattle. He was smart enough to recognize the role that the internet would play in future business transactions. Still intrigued by this idea, he started a company that he named China Yellow Pages. The company took up all his finances, not to mention that his operating office was small with an old PC.

His biggest challenge was that it was impossible to access internet services in Hangzhou, his hometown. This was enough reason to have him give up. However, Jack Ma kept at it, convincing his friends that the internet was the future. He managed to convince some of them to let him design websites for them. The friends gave him information about their company, which he then translated into English and sent the info to Seattle for the actual website creation.

It was Jack’s persuasive nature made him convince several companies to spend a significant amount on creating websites. As years went by and b 1999, he kept changing his business model; he started Alibaba as a B2B eCommerce platform. While things were extremely hard in the beginning, it has slowly improved over time.

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