Is Tom Hardy the New James Bond?

Shocking news recently emerged out of the entertainment world. Tom Hardy, who captivated audiences as the second actor to play Mad Max and Bane, may soon become the next James Bond. No official confirmation exists, but rumors suggest the Irish-born actor got the nod for the role back in June. Producers reportedly kept the news under wraps to not take any buzz away from the upcoming No Time to Die feature. No Time to Die is, of course, Daniel Craig’s final appearance as James Bond.

Some controversy surrounds Tom Hardy’s selection. Some suggest he’s “not right” for the Bond role. Such opinions may be premature. Hardy took part in a screen test and producers and studio execs like what they saw.

If the rumors prove true, Hardy would be the second Irish actor to portray James Bond after Sean Connery. Other actors were British, except for Australian actor George Lazenby. Technically, there was an American actor who played Bond. San Francisco-born Barry Nelson played James Bond in the Climax! television series adaptation of Casino Royale in 1954.

Tom Hardy’s association as Bane and Mad Max and other mainstream projects establish perceptions about his acting range. Some fans might not see him as Bond because they associate him with different types of roles. There’s a history of such offbeat casting in the James Bond world. At one point TV’s Batman Adam West and Burt Reynolds were both briefly considered to replace Sean Connery. Or, at least that’s what motion picture lore says.

Hardy, of course, would be a better choice than West and Reynolds, for sure. Hardy long ago proved he has wide range as an actor. He also established himself as an “action star.” The combination would make him an appropriate choice to play James Bond.

Tom Hardy would likely appreciate the financial stability the Bond roles bring. Playing Bond in five or so films could being him hundreds of millions of dollars. Craig reportedly received $50 million to play Bond one final time.

No one can say for sure whether the rumors are entirely accurate. However, some top news sources now report Hardy received the nod. That’s not to say the stories are correct. Even the leading newspapers in the world may get fooled. However, the fact major newspapers “confirmed” the rumors shows they may be some credibility to the reports.

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