Is Bryan Cranstong Intending to Return as Walter White?

Movie and television fans never once expected to see Bryan Cranston fade away. The former star of Malcolm in the Middle did something few other actors did. He transitioned into another successful television series, which proved more popular and impactful than his previous hit. Cranston made television history after starring as the iconic anti-hero Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad proved so popular that spinoff series, Better Call Saul, went into production. Breaking Bad ended with five seasons, but Better Call Saul will end with six. And Bryan Cranston made it emphatically clear that he would return to play Walter White once again if asked.

And there’s another intriguing bit of news to report. Cranston may direct an episode of Better Call Saul, as well. Whether he would direct himself in an episode or direct one he doesn’t appear is unknown. Actually, no confirmation exists that he will direct any episodes of Better Call Saul, either.

Cranston noted Gilligan and fellow executive product Peter Gould asked the actor to direct at least one episode since Better Call Saul debuted. Cranston’s busy schedule precluded his ability to accept.

Cranston also noted no one asked him to appear in a Walter White cameo. Perhaps his public discussions about the subject indicate he’s trying to get Gilligan and Gould’s attention.

Cranston did already return to the Walter White role in El Camino, the sequel film that picked up where Breaking Bad ended. While Walter White met his demise in the final episode, partner Jesse Pinkman seemingly escaped in his car. Did he get away? El Camino answers that question.

Cranston’s Walter White appears in a flashback sequence towards the end of the film. The return shows the actor has an affinity for the character, and he doesn’t intend to walk away entirely. His interest in returning to the role in an episode of Better Call Saul did surprise some fans. After all, isn’t Better Call Saul a prequel?

The first season of the series starts many years before the Breaking Bad. As the seasons progress, the program becomes closer and closer to the Breaking Bad timeline. Eventually, the time of the events of the two series merge. In Breaking Bad, the first meeting between Jesse, Walter, and Saul has the notorious lawyer refer to the “Nacho and Lalo” characters. At the end of season five of Better Call Saul, Nacho and Lalo are on the outs. Saul’s mentioning of both of them in the same breath would indicate he doesn’t know they split up. So, viewers can infer that season five already crossed into the Breaking Bad timeline.

Then again, Saul’s wife, Kim, never appears in Breaking Bad. Nor is she mentioned. So, there are still questions about the timeline. Of course, Walter White could appear at the far end of the seasons. Eight episodes or more could play out before the character returns if he returns.

Bryan Cranston also made news recently in a shocking way. The actor revealed he contracted COVID-19 and recovered from the virus. Cranston noted he donated plasma after recovering. Blood from recovered patients may contain antibodies that could prove helpful in treating others who become sick.

Cranston and his wife both contracted the virus some months ago. He pointed out that his symptoms were mild, but he did lose his taste and smell for several months. Today, Cranston speaks publicly about his recovery and wants to motivate people to wear masks and take other precautions. Cranston noted he took many precautions to avoid the virus, but he still contracted it.

The legendary actor does feel the world can beat the virus, eventually.

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