Interview with Haroldo Jacobovicz

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a renowned businessman and a civil engineer based in Brazil. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Horizon Telecom, a telecommunications supplier which offers information technology solutions in Brazil and South America. He is a firm believer in transformative power exhibited by technology, a move that led him to venture into the business.

In one of the interviews, Haroldo Jacobovicz disclosed that his interest and passion in information technology pushed him to establish the companies. Since the efficiency of inventory management and other related automated tasks depends on the quality of the internet and the telecommunications networks, he was determined to establish a workable solution. Over the years, the companies have gained exceptional success both in the private sector and public service.

A Typical Work Day

Every entrepreneur who wants to succeed in business must devote full attention to all tasks from morning to evening. As a business person, you must cultivate effective habits for you to achieve your goals. Haroldo Jacobovicz typical day starts with some light physical exercises as this has a profound effect on daily energy and disposition for the tasks ahead. After exercises, the entrepreneur takes time to read the most recent news from different sources such as books, magazines, newspapers and business journals. Feeding yourself with information surrounding your industry keeps you updated with the emerging changes and trends. Knowledge advancement is also a great weapon that can help every entrepreneur to be successful and have a successful career.

Conceiving Ideas

According to Haroldo, you can boost creativity by being inherent. Entrepreneurs can conceive ideas by identifying existing market gaps and identifying experts who can help them convert the ideas into practical shapes.

Haroldo Jacobovicz advises aspiring entrepreneurs in school to drop the pressure of making quick money and instead focus more on their studies. According to him, you can still develop more ideas for business models while still in school. Also, it is imperative to get equipped with more than one language as this can give you a competitive advantage in the international business arena.

Strategies for Business Growth

One strategy that can help your business grow is mastering your field of interest. Although businesses encounter several challenges, understanding the fundamental concepts of the business at the beginning of the career can help you learn and sail through the existing challenges.

Learning from Failures

Whenever you fail in a particular field in your business, make sure you learn the right lesson from the failure. Sometimes, learning the wrong lessons can drag your business behind, which may hinder goals achievements.

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