Interesting Highlights about Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos was born in Albuquerque. He was raised in Houston, and after that, he moved to Miami. Jeff graduated from Princeton University in 1986He has a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. Jeff worked in wall street between 1986 to 1994.

Jeff Bezos founded the e-commerce giant Amazo, which started in 1994 in his garage in Seattle. The company has since grown with the highest rise during this Covid 19 pandemic. In 2020 the company increased its revenues by 38%, which was $386 billion; the growth directly impacted by people staying at home and purchasing stuff online.

In April 2020, Bezos promised to give $100 million to a nonprofit organization Feed America. Feed America operates food pantries and food banks across the USA. Jeff Bezos divorced his wife Mackenzie in 2019 after 25 years of marriage. After the divorce, he gave his wife a quarter of his Amazon stake. Jeff owns the Washington Post and Blue Origin.

On the other hand, Jeff Bezos is a philanthropist who has helped many people by providing employment. He also has an NGO called earth fund that deals with global warming issues.

On Monday, Jeff Benzos said that he would be flying to space. Jeff’s aerospace company Blue Origin will crew the space flight. The flight, scheduled to start on July 20th, and the flight will take place two weeks after Jeff resigns as Amazon’s chief executive.

In a video posted on Instagram, Jeff announced that he would be among the passengers on board the Blue Origin’s New Shepard; during this trip, jeff will be accompanied by his younger brother Mark Bezos. In the video, Jeff says that he has had a lifelong dream of traveling to space and that going with his best friend, who is also his younger brother Mark Bezos will be significant.

The first crewed flight by Blue Origin will use the company’s six-seater capsule, and the flight will take 11 minutes to reach the edge of space. The advantage of space is more than 60 miles above the earth. An online auction will end on June 12th to determine who will join the Bezos brothers in the trip. The current bid for a seat on the New Shepard rocket is at $2.8billion.

In the announcement, Bezos insisted that when in space and you view the earth, the feeling changes how you view the world.

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