Improving your SEO using Google Search Console

Search engine optimization is key to the success of every online business. In this article, we are going to discuss how to use SEO to optimize your website.

You can use Google Search Console to improve your site’s SEO in the following ways:

• Increase ranking for keywords that are performing poorly

• Optimize low CTR pages that contain keywords with high ranking

• Solve sitemap problems

• Identify content kinds and topics getting massive backlinks

• Discover pages that require pruning or additional internal links

• Effectively update pages losing organic traffic

1. Manual Website Review

If you need to improve your site SEO or get answers to issues your website may be facing, a manual website review may be an ideal solution.

Manual website review helps you solve such issues as how to increase your site’s traffic, get the most out of social media, improve conversion rates, etc.

Unlike an SEO audit, a manual website review also offers you advanced SEO techniques, content marketing, social media, conversions, and usability. If you want to improve your site’s Google ranking, experts highly recommend a website review.

You can manually review your website in the following ways:

1. SEO

You can optimize your site for any search engine using a website review. When reviewing your site to improve SEO, you need to check several things, including:

i. Your site’s page description and titles

ii. URL format and link structure of the site

iii. Various multimedia options use within the page’s context

iv. Site speed

v. Robots.txt should have the right configuration.

vi. Sitemap files in the right structure and format

vii. Properly configured 404 page

viii. Identify and fix broken links

ix. Access to user sitemap files and breadcrumbs

x. Your About page’s quality

2. Schemas and Structured Data

Search engines understand your site’s data using various schemas. Google, for example, uses schema info for answer boxes, knowledge graphs, rich snippets, comprehensive articles, and mobile search results.

When reviewing your website, check whether it is using all suitable schemas.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an essential tool for your business if you want to conduct digital marketing efficiently. This tool is crucial if you want more traffic for your business website.

Ensure your social media marketing strategy has the following:

• Dedicated pages on business platforms like LinkedIn and Pinterest

• Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts

• Links in your site to direct prospective to your social media pages

• Relevant content on a regular basis

• SEO optimized social media profiles

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