How Rihanna Created a Multi-Million Dollar Fortune

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a woman worth admiring. The entrepreneur, whose fame was mostly due to her musical career, has evolved to become a globally renowned makeup entrepreneur and style icon. Rihanna has put in the work to build a fortune worth around $600 million.

Musical Success

Rihanna’s musical career became a success at such a young age. Her debut album, which she launched in 2005, was a hit. She managed to sell over 50 million albums and 190 million singles across the globe.

While she is the wealthiest female musician, music has not been her sole income stream. Her partnership with the French luxury goods brand LVMH has also borne some fruits. Rihanna co-owns the famous makeup brand Fenty Beauty with LVMH. Given her fame and a massive following on social media platforms, Rihanna’s brand was an enormous success from the word go. Just a few weeks into the business, Fenty Beauty made sales worth over $100 million. Besides Rihanna’s influence, America’s market for personal care products was another success factor.

Furthermore, Fenty Beauty went the extra mile to stand out in an already competitive market. Unlike other brands, Fenty Beauty released 40 shades of foundation, thus catering to every skin tone on the spectrum.

Facing Hardships

Although she has risen to the top, Rihanna, too, has had her fair share of challenges. Some of these challenges include withstanding an abusive addict father and assault by her then-boyfriend, Chris Brown. Nevertheless, she continued chasing her dream, which pretty much seems promising. Besides the makeup line, she also co-owns a lingerie line with Techstyle Fashion Group, a fashion firm based in Los Angeles.

A Personal Touch

Despite having so much going on in her life, Rihanna still finds time to give her brand a personal touch. Some of the designs from her line featured her handwriting. She graffitied smiley faces and hearts. Her love for handwritten things goes beyond doodles, as she doesn’t enjoy tying emails.


Throughout her career, Rihanna has bagged numerous awards. She has won the American Music Award five times, the MTV Video Music Award twice, and the Grammy Award once.


The award-winning artist and musician is also known for her efforts to help others in need. She created the Believe Foundation to help terminally ill kids. She has also performed several concerts to raise funds for various charities, as well as her foundation.


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